What Makes The Land Cruiser The Best 4×4 Vehicle
Overlanding is a self-sufficient trip to distant destinations with camping as the main accommodation structure. An overlanding trip can last for weeks, months, or years expanding beyond national boundaries into different countries. For a comfortable overlanding trip, you will need a right off-road experience vehicle qualified to handle all kinds of terrains.

There are several overland vehicles in Uganda available for hire but the 4×4 Land Cruiser model comes out as the ideal off-road experience vehicle, in this article we will bring you some reasons why you should hire a Land cruiser in Uganda for an impressive overland trip in the Pearl of Africa.

What Makes The Land Cruiser The Best 4×4 Vehicle

Off-road Vehicle Features

The Land cruisers are described by their excellent off-road features that include big deep-open thread tires that provide the station wagon high ground support coupled with a flexible suspension giving the car that comfort as you won’t feel any road bumps along the trip. These unique features even permit the Land cruisers to cross through deeper waters such as the small water canals or floodwaters so you can be guaranteed you will get where you are going freely and reach where you are going on time.

Full-Time 4-Wheel Drive

What Makes The Land Cruiser The Best 4×4 Vehicle
Another explanation why you should hire a Land cruiser for your next Uganda trip is the fact that Land cruisers have a full-time 4WD system indicating you won’t have to do a lot to kick in that additional power shaft when crossing a steep slope or slippery surface as the engine will automatically transmit torque to all 4 wheels as soon as a wheel slip is detected.

Big Cargo Room

Overland trips use camping as lodging as earlier said as such concerns carrying a lot of luggage that includes passenger luggage as well as camping equipment. Almost all the Land Cruiser models have a big place for cargo in the back with some having a cargo rack on the rooftop of the vehicle. You can smoothly fit your cargo and camping equipment in the back and some on the rooftop of the car to get enough legroom for a relaxing overland trip in Uganda.

Safari Features

What Makes The Land Cruiser The Best 4×4 Vehicle
Some of the Land cruisers in Uganda have been made and remodeled for safari trips with impressive features like a pop-up roof and cooler box. The pop-up roof is an ideal feature for tourists preparing a game drive in the national parks as you get stunning sceneries of nature and wildlife while the cooler box will keep your drinks cold while you are out in the field. Another safari unique feature to the land cruisers is a rooftop tent which is ideal for camping adventures. Some of the leading Land cruisers include the Safari land cruiser and the Rooftop tent land cruiser all available for hire with a driver/guide.


The land cruisers are among the cheap 4×4 cars in Uganda and given the reality that you can get one for as cheap as US$ 80 per day depending on the number of days you want to use the car. The Land Cruiser Prado TX and the Land Cruiser GX are the cheapest vehicles you will get in Uganda, and don’t forget that if you are hiring a car for a long-term period or a return client, you will have a discount that will help you save some money.

So if you are preparing for an overland trip in Uganda this season and you need a cheap, relaxing 4×4 land cruiser for hire, then you should think of hiring one of the Land cruisers available. You can get in contact with us today by sending an email to info@fkcarrentaluganda.com or Calling/WhatsApp us now at;- +256-707457134  to speak or chat with our reservations team.