FK Car Rental Uganda offers the ideal discounts on car rental services in Uganda. With around 10 years of experience in the transport service in Uganda, we pride ourselves in providing reliable, comfortable 4×4 cars for hire operating in Kampala and all town destinations in Uganda. Our rental fleet consists of a broad variety of vehicles including Family vehiclesstation wagonsminivansSUVs, and minibusses that transport  15 to 44 passengers among many others.

If you are looking for a Uganda safari, we can give you a professional driver-guide to drive and guide you while on your holiday. Our vehicles are hired at Unlimited Mileage and we provide amazing Long-term Discounts for those hiring our cars for more than 30 Days. We even offer free favorable Airport Transfers.


At FK Car Rental Uganda, We provide a broad variety of cars for hire daily, weekly, or monthly with a complete selection of cars but not limited to Saloon Cars such as Toyota Wish, Toyota Premio & Toyota Alphard, bigger 4X4 Cars such as Toyota Rav 4’s, Land Cruisers and Mini Buses such as Safari Vans, Minivans, Toyota Hiace Drone among many others.

Our cars can be hired on both Self-Drive Hire and with a driver. Our English-speaking drivers have all the skills to drive you safely into many places in Uganda.

We have close to full size and many makes and models of cars to choose from. We provide flexible rent-it-here, leave-it-there services at FK Car Rental Uganda. You can smoothly pick up your car and drop it at any of the following destinations including, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Burundi. Pick & leave your hired car anywhere and at any time you want.

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