Rent A Car & GPS

A self drive adventure is one of the most exciting and cheapest ways to explore a destination offering you privacy and freedom to drive to any destination of your choice at your own pace and time. You won’t need a driver or guide but only a GPS to explore Uganda’s cities, suburbs and remote regions. The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based radio navigation system that provides geographic location and time information to a GPS receiver anywhere on Earth.

Car Rental Uganda
A GPS will help you determine the geographic location of any place in Uganda and also give you time and distance estimations so you know how long you will spend driving. The GPS also shows points of interest along the way including nearby tourist attractions, parks, gas stations, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, safari lodges, restaurants, guest houses among others.

Are you planning a self drive road trip and require a rental car and GPS in Uganda, we at FK Car Rental Uganda will be more than delighted to offer you our services. We offer well serviced rental cars in Uganda along with full-functioning plug-and-play dashboard GPS so you can explore Uganda with no worry of getting lost.