Top 5 Best Uganda Car Rental Destinations By Regions

Uganda is the third biggest country in East Africa and thirty-second in Africa split into 4 sub-regions i.e. Central, Eastern, Western and Northern regions. With up to 135 districts, there are tons of destinations in Uganda with some homes to some of the top famous tourist attractions in the country. The main roads going to famous business and safari places in Uganda are well paved while the off-road is rough and game tracks are accessible with a 4×4 car.

You will be required to rent a car in Uganda if you want to have a secure and relaxing road but you have to take excellent information of the place where you are booking your car from. The pick-up and drop-off place of a rental car is a main factor that can impact the rates of a rental car in Uganda thus you have to be cautious when deciding where to begin and complete your road trip.

FK Car Rental Uganda is the leading car hire company in Uganda and we are glad to bring to you 5 of the top car rental destinations in Uganda that will enable you to incur a small or no tax fee when making your car booking.

Top 5 Best Uganda Car Rental Destinations By Regions

1- Kampala City – Located within central Uganda and is the capital city and business centre in Uganda. While covering a complete area of 189 km2, Kampala city is one of the leading car rental places in Uganda and even the top ground of exploration where you get an opportunity to discover the local way of living and culture. There are about 50 car rental agencies located in Kampala city thus when you choose to book a rental beginning from Kampala, expect no additional charges making it the top cheap place to rent a car in Uganda.

2- Entebbe city – Located within Central Uganda on the Lake Victoria peninsula approximately 36 km southwest of Kampala city, Entebbe is one of the top attractive lake-side destinations in Uganda. Covering a total size of 56 km2, Entebbe City is the home of the Entebbe International Airport, the Presidential State House, and the Uganda Zoo among other places. Some of the car rental agencies located in Kampala city will charge you an additional fee for bringing the car to you at the Entebbe International Airport but you won’t get any extra costs for companies within Entebbe or companies that are next to the airport.

3- Jinja – Is located in Eastern Uganda in the Busoga-sub region next to the source of the River Nile about 81km east of Kampala city. It is another leading car rental location in Uganda famously known as the Adventure capital of East Africa. Jinja is home to an assortment of thrilling land and water activities, and sports including white water rafting, horseback riding, canoe rides, quad biking, and sundowner cruisers among many others. There are a handful of car rental agencies in Jinja thus pick-up the car in this place will incur a small extra cost.

4- Mbarara – Is located in the Western Region of Uganda about 230 km southwest of Kampala. Mbarara is Uganda’s second-biggest city and the major business hub for some southwestern districts. Given the city status in 2019, Mbarara is a good car rental location in Uganda and an ideal centre for discovering some of the top-known national parks and attractions in western Uganda. Simply like Jinja, Mbarara has few car rental agencies thus delivery of the rental car to the city will never incur additional charges.

5- Gulu – Is located in the northern region of Uganda approximately 333 km north of Kampala city. This is one of the top locations to hire a car in Northern Uganda. Once destroyed by the LRA army war, the city has developed into one of the safest districts in Uganda with an airport and camp of some of the leading NGOs in Africa. Gulu City gives the ideal base to visit national parks like Kidepo Valley National Park and Murchison Falls National Park and also get an opportunity to sample the culture of the notorious Karamajongs.

There are a bunch of different Uganda car rental destinations but the above-mentioned 5 cut the most famous and cheap locations to rent a car in Uganda. To book a 4×4 rental car in any of the above-mentioned 5 locations, just contact us now by sending an email to or Call/WhatsApp us now at;- +256-707457134  to speak or chat with our reservations team.

By Faizo