The Best Rooftop Tent Cars For Hire In Uganda
A double rooftop tent vehicle is an excellent option car especially made for outdoor lovers. Double rooftop tent cars are big enough to provide enough sleeping space for about four people. These rooftop tents offer a relaxing and good sleeping space offering the tourists a memorable experience.

Most of the double rooftop tent cars are provided with ladders for comfortable access to the upper tent. The tents are made from a long-lasting waterproof and weather-resistant material.

Are you preparing to sleep in any area of your selection? The Double rooftop tent car is an ideal option to assist you complete your dreams.

The Best Rooftop Tent Cars For Hire In Uganda

Double Rooftop Tent Vehicle Models

It is not that a double rooftop tent can completely fit on all cars. There are famous cars that are suitable for Double rooftop tents and they include;-

  1. Land Cruiser V8/VX
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser GX
  3. Land Cruiser Box Model

Design And Structure Of A Double Rooftop Tent Car

A double rooftop tent car is a vehicle that incorporates a strengthened base vehicle with two rooftop tents installed capable of accommodating two or more people.

The design concerns maintaining the vehicle’s roof, selecting a suitable tent mechanism, and creating a comfortable sleeping room in the tent. The roof bars must be powerful enough to hold the weight of the rooftop tents and all of the camping equipment plus all the occupants.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Car With A Double Rooftop Tent?

The costs of hiring a car with a double rooftop tent change according to the exact car you want to hire. Hiring a Land Cruiser V8/VX with a Double rooftop tent costs $130 per day, Land Cruiser box with a double rooftop tent costs $140. These are all powerful cars with four-wheel drive mechanisms making them the ideal cars for outdoor lovers.

Benefits Of Using Double Roof Tent Cars

  • Given the reality that the double rooftop tents are majorly set up on car roofs, they offer a high sleeping platform, keeping occupants off the ground and far from possible risks.
  • Using a double rooftop tent improves the sleeping room. The double rooftop tent car can accommodate some four people with an area given for their camping gear.
  • Double rooftop tents are designed of a long-lasting, water-proof, and weather-resistant material which offers a relaxing camping experience to the traveler.
  • Double rooftop tents offer a suitable and relaxing sleeping room while on the road.
  • Having a double rooftop tent on top of the car saves money in that you do not have to book and pay for your lodging.
  • Double rooftop tents are very easy to put up and take down, making them perfect for fast overnight stay.
The Best Rooftop Tent Cars For Hire In Uganda

Setting up and Take-down Of A Double Rooftop Tent

Setting up a rooftop tent is completely easy. You begin by putting the tent on the roof of the car. Tighten the tent well to the car with the help of provided straps and clips that hold the tent firmly on the roof rack.

  1. Open the tent and extend the tent ladder, if it is necessary. Once the ladder is in place on top of the tent, unfold the tent.
2. Finally, make sure that all the tent vents are well sealed/closed.

3. Taking down the tent, first is removing the rainfly and getting it off the car. Fold the tent and store the tent straps. Then, remove the ladder from the tent and fold it. Then get off the straps and clips from the car and get the tent from the carrying bag.

Car Rooftop Tent Weight Limit

It is so very important for you to understand the maximum weight the tent can accommodate only to guarantee safety and avoid damage to the tent and the car where it is mounted.

A double rooftop tent car is mandated to hold only 600 pounds or 272.155 kilograms depending on the manufacturer’s indications.

You are advised to make sure that the tent is not overloaded because when it exceeds its weight limit, can lead to damage and can not guarantee the safety of the occupants.

Steps For Selecting The Ideal Double Rooftop Tent Car

For you to have an excellent camping adventure, you have to make it a point to pick a car that can hold double rooftop tents. With so many choices of 4×4 cars available on the market, it comes to be so comfortable for you to make the perfect option. Down are the steps to assist you pick the ideal double rooftop tent car that can suit your personal needs.

  1. The first thing, you should do is to know the size and the weight limit of the tent car. Take note and guarantee that it is big enough to accommodate the number of people you are preparing to go camping with.
2. Make certain that the car you pick has a big storage room for your camping gear and various luggage. A rooftop tent car with various storage rooms will be of higher use to you.

3. Guarantee that the double rooftop tent car you are taking is made of a long-lasting, water-proof, and weather-resistant material. This can be in the right position to maintain various climatic conditions

How To Hire A Car With A Double Rooftop Tent?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Leading Rooftop Tents

  1. Where to rent a rooftop tent? We are the ideal professional Car Rental Uganda company with rooftop tents.
2. Are car rooftop tents safe? Yes, despite the reality that the tent is placed up on the roof rack of a car, it is elevated, and thus securing the occupants from ground animals like the snakes.

3. Can I put a rooftop tent on my car? Yes, you can place a rooftop tent in your car. You just need a roof rack on your car.

4. What is the point of a rooftop tent? Rooftop tents permit you to go camping and it does not prohibit you to the place choices you are held to with the tent.

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