Leading 10 Tourist Destinations In Rwanda With A Car

Leading 10 Tourist Destinations In Rwanda With A Car & Did you know Rwanda is one of the most attractive safari destinations worldwide? We understand that all the travelers, adventurers, and tourists reading this will be impressed to know the incredible Tourist destinations in Rwanda that can activate their reasons to think about their next trip to Rwanda. Rwanda is a patchwork quilt of various landscapes and many hills hence its internationally understood name “Land of Thousand Hills”, a landlocked country but attractive and mixed with fascinating Cultures, unique history, Bio-Diversity, people, action-packed fascinating National Parks, and memorable thrilling adventure sights that have been around since ancient times, Explore different Tourist Attractions in Rwanda as the country is one of the leading mixed and attracting countries in East Africa and Africa at large giving organic varieties of multiple natural wonders that will surely spoil you for choice!

The Tourist Attractions in Rwanda range from attractive wildlife, stunning views, colorful inhabitants, Hiking Volcanoes, dark history because of its historically dark history, its peacefulness, and most developing cities including Kigali the Cleanest City in Africa, beaches on its biggest watershed Lake Kivu and many more that will assist you to choose which tourist destinations you should not miss out when you visit Rwanda.

From the great National parks to outstanding Memorials/Museums symbolizing peace and harmony from Rwanda’s dark history, these are now famous and extremely marketed tourist destinations that cannot be missed while in Rwanda.

Volcanoes National Park

Leading 10 Tourist Destinations In Rwanda With A Car

With only a 2 hours drive on the road from Kigali is Volcanoes National Park situated in northwestern Rwanda connecting to Virunga National Park in DR. Congo and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, this park is part of the Virunga Mountain Ranges and home to the World’s Endangered Mountain Gorillas, 5 of the 8 stunning Virunga Volcanoes, the rare Golden monkeys, multiple bird species, and having a historic relation to the American primatologist Diane Fossey whos graveyard is in between Mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke at her originally founded Karisoke Research Center where she could do her Gorilla studies from. Without any doubt, the number one thing you can have best in this National Park is Gorilla Trekking as there are twelve habituated Mountain Gorilla Groups that visitors can encounter. Apart from tracking the Gorillas, there are Volcano Hikes, Diane Fossey Tomb Hike, Bird Watching, Golden Monkey Trekking, and other after-trekking activities including Cave Exploration especially the Musanze Caves, Cultural encounters around the park like discovering the Ibyi’wacu Cultural Village, visiting Lake Kivu for a Boat Ride, Canoe Ride, Musanze City Tour and many different exciting activities of your interests.

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is one of the famous Tourist places in Rwanda and the biggest lake in Rwanda surrounded by various resort cities with special beaches, especially Gisenyi and Kibuye. These resort towns have many guest houses, hotels, restaurants, and coastal sandy big grounds for travelers who wish to have a short rest. Whether your happiness is found in sunbathing in the sand or getting wet and swimming in the water, visiting various islands on the lake in a Boat or Canoe, or embarking on water activities like KayakingLake Kivu is an ideal place in Rwanda to chill. Hiking some of the hills as you communicate with the local community, Picnicking, Coffee and Tea Plantation trips, and Cycling on the Congo Nile Trail are only a few of the various activities available when visiting Rwanda’s Lake Kivu.

Nyungwe National Park

Hidden in southwestern Rwanda at the borderline of Burundi to the south and Lake Kivu, and DR. Congo to the west, Nyungwe National Park is one of the most conserved and oldest reasonably natural mountain rainforest, It’s broad areas of mountain rainforest is home to multiple primate species of Chimpanzees, Owl-Faced and white Colobus Monkeys, thousands of Bird species, some mammals, multiple hiking paths for nature lovers,  stunning Waterfalls and an extraordinary Canopy Walkway not seen in any of the national parks in Rwanda and different Tea plantations found outside the park gates that surround hence adding to its stunning displays of biodiversity. Turning out in this National Park while embarking on the multiple activities provided there will not just offer you incredible happiness and fun but will leave you with complete happiness for experience and nature plus your mind overfilled with wonderful memories.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Grounds

This is a place of memories and knowledge! This Genocide Memorial site is found in Kigali city the capital city of Rwanda in Gisozi approximately 10 minutes drive from the city center, Kigali Genocide Memorial commemorates and operates as the last resting place for about 250,000 victims of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsis. The museum exhibits the archives of video testimonies from Genocide survivors and saviors, perpetrator testimonies from the court proceedings, footage from annual memorial ceremonies(Kwibuka), archival photos of the fallen victims hanged on the walls, colonial records, identification documents, maps, foreign journals, and propaganda journals, and you can visit the Museum for educative, personal and study goals to understand clear details about this terrible incident through circumstances and historical implications of the Genocide.

Akagera National Park

Located in Eastern Rwanda connecting with the border of Tanzania, is Akagera National Park, a remote national game park represented by woodland, swamps, low mountains, and savannah that is the best home to the Big 5 Animals in Rwanda i.e Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Buffalo, and Rhinoceros. Akagera National Park even gives visitors Wildlife viewing chances to none through Game Drives in its various landscapes far in its wildlife seeing multiple Wildlife such as Antelope species, Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, some primates, bird watching, and many others. Wildlife lovers may enjoy the broad expanse of native plants and wild animals during guided nature walks and drives, driver-guided trips, or go for an exciting experience by a boat cruise on Lake Ihema where you can encounter Hippos and big Crocodiles.

King’s Palace Museum

A trip to Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda can not be done without visiting one of Rwanda’s museums, the King’s Palace Museum as the museum is found in Nyanza Town along the road to Nyungwe National Park about two hours drive from Kigali City. Aside from locating memorial places in Kigali city and outside the city, a visit to this museum is an impressive Tourist Attraction in Rwanda that will offer you an insight into the serious culture, colonial and traditional rulership of kings of Rwanda beginning from showcases such as the lead attraction at the Museum which is the Inyambo (Royal cows) and their impressive big curved horns, the image of a King’s Palace from the 15th century with a thatched roof, royal cottage, and fresh milk cottage, locally made beer cottage, traditionally run by unmarried virgin girls and boys respectively, the colonial-fashion home that was once the royal home of King Mutara III Rudahigwa in the mid-20th century having pictures of the various reigning kings and queens and the interior structure which is extremely striking, blending Rwandan ways with European-style furniture (some of which was owned by the king). Your trip to Rwanda will be seasoned with traditional performances of traditional singers calming the Inyambo Cows into a casual state through poems, a ritual that’s different from the country of Rwanda alone. The King’s Palace Museum is one of the Leading 10 Tourist Destinations In Rwanda With A Car.

Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum previously understood as the National Museum of Rwanda is found in Butare (Huye Town) and was constructed with the help of the Belgian Government in 1989, it is an ideal source of details on the cultural history of the country and the area. The Ethnographic Museum is one of the eight museums that make up the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda which houses one of Africa’s perfect ethnographic groups. It has seven showrooms that show historical, ethnographic, artistic, and archaeological antiques attended by visual assets, offering travelers a rich understanding of the culture of Rwandans. Your en-route visit to this museum as you’re going to or from Nyungwe National Park will be a great kick to your safari.

Kigali City

Leading 10 Tourist Destinations In Rwanda With A Car

Kigali City is also understood as the Cleanest City in Africa and has hence fast developing into a rich and thrilling city with a mix of both tradition and growth providing a lot of markets to visit, Art Galleries, Museums and Memorial centers, night clubs with attractive places to keep you out of your hotel room boredom before or after your memorable safari.  Explore this thrilling yet peaceful city as you take a few days around to discover the vigorous cultures, cuisines, and lovely views that Rwanda’s Capital City has to offer.

Check out tailor-made fabrics from mixing patterned textiles and experience the strong background as you communicate with local sellers about how they go about their everyday business as well as get the bargaining power methods used to beat your favorite price for all your shopping things at Kimironko Market the biggest market place with anything you may be looking for around its every corner. There are very many art shops if you are curious about antiques such as Inema Arts Center, and Rwanda Art Museum at the former Presidential Palace to get innovative sets of local art made by local artists and as well as getting to witness the remains of remains from the presidential aircraft that crashed in 1994 at the former Presidential palace.

Even though Kigali is a small city, it has plenty to give including its attractive green views that you can be capable to get from an easy one-hour hike to Mount Kigali at its top to get the full Kigali views and even from your hike around Nyamirambo or visit Nyamirambo Women’s Center for an insight into the customary idea of Rwandans with individual tastes and choices.

Check out some of the museums/memorials like the Campaign against Genocide Museum, understand how Rwanda Has Been capable of overpowering its dark history, Camp Kigali Memorial where 10 Belgian soldiers were killed, Kandt House Museum, and the most familiar Kigali Genocide Memorial Grounds. Even When you are willing to propel, and savor an original Rwandan cup of Coffee, Rwanda has different magnificent hotels i.e. Radisson Blue Hotel and many others.

Buhanga Eco Park

Merely a quick drive from Volcanoes National Park there is a hidden gem packed with a fantastic value of natural and cultural importance. The park consists of ancient religious sites that were used for the coronation ceremonies of Rwandan Kings. Buhanga Eco Park features impressive attractions with the history of the Rwanda Kings such as the Small Ditch covered by lava stone and flowered thicket, where the king’s servant (Abiru) would collect local herbs for the king to shower as part of Coronation, a Dark Cave surrounded by big rocks where the king was equipped with in a Royal traditional wheeled vehicle directly from his castle with no stopovers till he has a bath with the local herbs and water mixture, a meeting platform consist of hard, well-cut lava rocks and chairs on the boundary where the king would be taken to after bathing to welcome kingship tools, benefits and security from gods. Even as you walk through, you will be able to see a small spring including dark water, this is where the King’s bathwater was organized as well as get to see and listen to the mythology about the Three in One Tree and Curse Tree with thrilling histories about them. Your visit to this Buhanga Eco Park will be seasoned by the wonderful pathways made completely from cut lava stones, tall magnificent trees, multiple plant species, attractive and colorful butterflies, and multiple bird species singing sweet songs in the air.

Twin Lakes

Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo are the Twin Lakes in Rwanda situated within the Musanze district at the bottom of Mount Muhabura a walkout from the Volcanoes National Park that covers an area of 2800 hectares and was created as a result of a Volcanic Eruption with its glacier coatings blocking River Nyabarongo that was pouring towards Northern Rwanda. The two lakes give tourists a stunning view of the landscape, Wetland habitat, Water birds, Virunga Volcanoes, local neighborhoods, and splendid attractions in the neighboring Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can have a Boat cruise on the fresh waters of Rwanda Twin Lakes or a Canoe Ride awarding you with a breath of refreshed air and breathtaking sights of the green vegetation and some little birds on the water shores with no worries of dangerous water animals like crocodiles as the waters are free thus assurance for your safety.

Ibyi’wacu Cultural Village

Leading 10 Tourist Destinations In Rwanda With A Car

The Ibyi’wacu Cultural Village is one of the ideal Tourist Attractions in Rwanda found near Volcanoes National Park in Nyabigoma, Kinigi, Musanze district, giving a real Rwandan cultural tour by ex-poachers who are currently conservationists for Wildlife in this park, A stop to this Cultural Village which is currently dubbed as the Gorilla Guardians Village offers you a rare chance to interact with the local people in their Environment to communicate a taste of Rwanda’s culture, religions and traditions, origin backgrounds including traditional lifestyles, activities, antiques and the extraordinary traditional ways of living of Rwanda local people. Your visit to this place will not just be a showcase but lovely moments with tons of traditional songs and dance performances that you can by choice participate in for happiness and enjoyment.

Congo Nile Trail

For cycling and hiking fans, the Congo Nile Trail is an almost 227 kilometers hiking trail near Lake Kivu that pushes you to attractive sceneries of landscapes, rolling hills, and tea, and coffee plantations, getting to engage in deep meetings with the local communities, having the spectacular sights of the Virunga Volcanoes as well as lakeside villages and an option to ignore about everyday life and simply discover as much as your self-limits.

Nyamata and Ntarama Memorial Sites

Found in Bugesera part about 35km from Kigali City around an hour’s drive from the south of Kigali where these two memorial sites among Rwanda’s six National Genocide Memorial Sites which were former churches and are considered to have been the very first areas where the terrible incidences of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide began from. Mass graves are found behind this former church at Nyamata Parish, including 45,308 genocide victims. The number of victims includes those who were killed inside the church, as well as others who were exhumed from the surrounding areas, also at the Ntarama Genocide Memorial Site, human remains, clothing, and antiques belong to around 5,000 people who lost their lives and were killed at the church remain on exhibition at all times. For those curious about dark tourism here is your site to get a serious understanding of Rwanda’s history and dark background.

Coffee And Tea Plantations

Rwanda around the globe is known for its ideal quality Tea and best Coffee the country’s Tea is understood as its number one export, and it is Coffee winning international competition as well hence it has multiple Tea and Coffee Plantations around the country mostly in the North and Western regions and in the ends of Nyungwe National Park, different Tea plantations surround the park on big acres of beautiful slopes. Tourists engage in these plantation tour activities which sometimes makes their safaris a genuine experience in Rwanda.

Tourist Destinations In Rwanda With A Car can be endless when it comes to experiencing and exploring Rwanda as the country is various and wealthy in attractions hence you can Contact Us for more details and more impressive experiences can make your trip to Rwanda a memorable one.

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