How To Get To Kibale National Park With A Rental Car
Kibale National Park located in southwestern Uganda is of excellent matter in the tourism sector since it holds various wildlife species some of which are endangered and attract many tourists to Uganda. The Kibale National Park is a famous primate destination in Africa and inhabits chimpanzees which have 90% of their DNA with humans and have been habituated in Kibale National Park. In total, Uganda has about 4950 Chimpanzees, and Kibale National Park harbors almost 1500 of these primate species. Tourists spend 1 hour with chimpanzees in Kibale National Park but they can as well spend more than 2 hours with the chimpanzees in the process of chimpanzee habituation.

How To Get To Kibale National Park With A Rental Car

How To Get To Kibale National Park

 This involves the roads that you can use to get to Kibale National Park for your Uganda Safari. There are various roads that tourists can use to get to Kibale National Park. Most of the roads are so easy to locate and travelers can manage various places of interest on the roads taken. The choice of the roads relies on the guidance of your tour operator and the travel budget of the tourist. Notably Kibale National Park can be reached through the use of road transport {Car Rental} and Air transport.

How To Get To Kibale National Park By Road

There are two main roads that travelers can use from Kampala City to Kibale National Park. Both roads are good as there are so many features that can be used by tourists. Travelers will ever be happy with the attractive stopovers that can be seen on the way to Kibale National Park. These roads include;

How To Get To Kibale National Park - Cheap Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda

How To Get To Kibale National Park Through Kampala – Mubende – Kyegegwa – Kyenjonjo – Fort portal (339kms)

This is the fastest road for you to reach Kibale National Park. It will take approximately 300km to get to Fort Portal and from Fort Portal City, you will go for approximately 37km to get to the Kanyanchu information center where there is the beginning activities such as chimpanzee trekking and Chimpanzee habituation in Kibale National Park.

 By using this road, you can make a stopover at Mubende Town Council for a snack as you see local people’s techniques of roadside meat roasting as you head to Fort Portal while enjoying attractive views of tea gardens and the Mountain Rwenzori ranges. In the Fort Portal, you will visit the fertile city in Uganda still with beautiful views. This journey will go ahead to the Kanyanchu Information Center and your driver/guide will go almost 6-7 hours and a half. Buses, rented 4×4 cars, and public cars are many in Kampala city that use this road with the many common ones being Link buses that work in Kampala to Fort Portal Express.

How To Get To Kibale National Park With A Rental Car

How To Get To Kibale National Park Through Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara – Bushenyi – Kasese – Kibale Park (630km)

This road is smooth approximated to the above but with eye-catching sights. This road to the Kibale National Park using this road predicts to have an option to get a stopover at the Equator line at Kayabwe and again through Kasese for another Equator line. With this road, you have to get short distances off the road to see Lake Mburo simply before Mbarara for animals like zebras and giraffes after along the road just 3km to Mbarara city, you can make a stop at Igongo Cultural Centre with a rich history of all Ankole.

On reaching Katungulu in Queen Elizabeth National Park, you can branch off to the Ishasha sector in the southern sector of the Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can see tree-climbing lions the Ishasha sector, 2 hours game drive can transfer to the northern part of Kibale National Park at Sebitoli Forest Camp. Because of the long distance, it is recommendable to use a four-wheel-drive car to avoid disturbance. Most of the tourists to Uganda safari places use the cars of registered local car rental agencies for Car Rental In Uganda from Kampala to the national park.

Still, tourists can reach Kibale National Park via Kampala – Ibanda and then to Kamwenge where Kibare Forest National Park is found. so, it’s all about you selecting the ideal road to use.

How To Get To Kibale National Park With A Rental Car

How To Get To Kibale National Park By Air

It is almost possible that Kibale Forest National Park can be reached by tourists using planes that can be obtained from both Entebbe International Airport and Kajjansi Airfield. Kibaale Forest National Park is nearly encircled by mainly two airstrips which include Kasese Airfields and Nyakisharara Airstrip located in Mbarara district.

Tourists will get a plane from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi near Kampala city and then fly to Kasese Airstrip, from here a private car rental can be organised to Fort Portal which is almost 75km, and then to Kibale National Park. From Nyakisharara Airstrip, by the use of a car rental can connect to Kamwenge and then to the Kanyanchu Information Centre which is almost 98 kilometers from the airstrip.

How To Get To Kibale National Park - Cheap Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda
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