How To Get The Perfect Car Rental Deal In Uganda

We all want to have the perfect rental car at an affordable rate, a price that fits your budget,  Whether it is a 4X4 vehicle for a safari trip or a luxury vehicle for your occasion like a wedding or business meeting, you will want a perfect car that will suit your budget. Renting a car can sometimes be costly mainly if you don’t know the Uganda car rental market.
Below are the tips that will help you rent a car in Uganda, picking the perfect car at the ideal price possible and in a suitable way.

How To Get The Perfect Car Rental Deal In Uganda

1 – Search Online
Visit online car rental websites using search engines like Google or Yahoo.  There are many famous websites with information about all kinds of cars. and RoadTrip are some top car rental companies famous for their super custom maintenance and well-serviced cars. Use Google to search through different sites and approximate rental rates and terms.

2 –  Book a Safari
To get an affordable deal on a rental car, you should think of booking a complete safari package. Many tour companies including FK Car Rental Uganda offer safari packages that include a car and lodging. This will assist in lowering your budget price greatly.

3- Ask offers
Most Uganda car rental companies give deals for return clients for clients renting cars for longer periods like a month or a year. Book through emails with the reservations team to get the perfect car rental deal.

4 –  Rent the car outside the airport.
Renting a car from the City can help you save money. Most companies add an extra fee for bringing the car from the office to the airport for you, so it would be smart to hire an airport taxi to bring you to our office location.

5 – Approximate final prices
Different costs include renting a GPS and hiring a driver. Look through the multiple car rental company websites for these terms & conditions before you even ask for a car. If you are preparing to do a Self Drive safari in Uganda, ask the reservations team if they give free GPS, if you are getting it on unlimited mileage, and even if there are car rental deals available.

6 – Understand what you want
Even before you begin asking, first understand what kind of car you would like to rent and for how long. Sedans are suitable for 3-5 people, Land cruisers can transport up to 6 people while small groups traveling together can use the Minivan or a Supercustom van.

Once you have successfully followed How To Get The Perfect Car Rental Deal In Uganda, you can be guaranteed the perfect if not the affordable car rental deal in Uganda. For more details, please Contact Us through or Call/WhatsApp us now at;- +256-707457134  to speak or chat with our reservations team.

By Faizo