Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda

Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda is one of the top memorable experiences on the continent. Uganda has 3 main chimpanzee trekking places: Kibale Forest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Uganda is amazing in its capacity to have a broad of wildlife and safari experiences with a single trip itinerary. Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda is one of the most memorable experiences on the continent. 

Kibale Forest National Park is the top destination for chimpanzee trekking, as the forest has an increased population, and changes are most expected here. 

Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda

What Is Chimpanzee Trekking?

Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda is one of the leading famous activities in Uganda, allowing you to dive into the world of chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Uganda Wildlife Authority-focused game Rangers guide a small group (maximum of 8) into the kingdom of the chimpanzees.

The Chimpanzee trekking takes almost three hours and includes a maximum of one hour of you with the chimpanzees during which you can wish to see them from a secure but close distance of 8-10 meters. Get up near and personal with the chimpanzees and find their attractiveness, intelligence, and social networks.

What Is Chimpanzee Habituation?

Chimpanzee habituation experience is a complete experience. You can join the researchers of the habituation group for a half or full-day trek deep into the forest. These chimpanzees are less used to human existence and so the experience is unpredictable.

While it can be difficult to follow the information of these elegant primates, the experience is totally rewarding.

The major difference between the common Chimpanzee Trekking In Uganda and the Chimpanzee habituation experience is how much time you spend with the chimpanzees. The habituation experience lets you spend much longer time in the presence of the chimpanzees.  

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By Faizo