Two giraffes in silhouette and some bushes on the horizon against a red and orange sunset in Africa.

Why Visit Uganda 2023? Incredible Uganda birding opportunities, chimpanzee trekking, attractive scenery, Ugandan local foods, the rich culture of Uganda, and welcoming people are some of the many reasons why you should visit Uganda.

Do you want to know:- why you should visit Uganda? (Why Visit Uganda?), What makes Uganda unique? (What is Uganda famous for? Is Uganda worth visiting? Those are Frequently Asked Questions by many tourists preparing their safaris to Uganda. Uganda has a special mixture of Uganda safari attractions not known anywhere else that make Uganda a unique African safari country worth visiting.

Whether it’s your first safari in Uganda or a return safari, Uganda will ever give you a memorable unforgettable safari due to so many explanations that will make you visit Uganda as your first place of selection on your African safari. Uganda, “the Pearl of Africa”, is a country honestly gifted by nature. It provides a variety of habitats, from savannahs, snow-capped mountains to lakes, attractive rivers, forested game reserves, and jungles.

Why Visit Uganda 2023?

Uganda is home to half of the world’s last remaining mountain gorilla population of about 1063, the country gives a once-in-a-lifetime chance to trek and visit a family of wild gorillas resting among the bamboo. And if that is not enough experience for you, you can trek Africa’s tallest mountain ridge, discover Africa’s biggest lake, or see the source of the world’s longest river.

You can even have classic savannah safaris in one of the Uganda national parks spotted around the country. That is only the start of what the country offers. Incredible Uganda birding possibilities, wild chimpanzee trekking, beautiful view, Ugandan local foods, the rich culture of Uganda, and welcoming people are some of the many reasons why you should visit Uganda on your next Safari.

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