Uganda today has become one of the leading famous destinations among the multiple tourist destinations in Africa. Many travellers and visitors fill up this country daily with different goods, some on holidays, and others on the business program while others come to Uganda to visit family and friends. Multiple beautiful features are gifted to this country, which has rolling hills, plateaus, Rivers and lakes, forests and swamps.

Many tourists enjoy travelling with the support of the driver/guide which is even the right thing, it is safer to have a driver in an unfamiliar country. With the increasing technology in the world currently, many people today want to do self-drive Uganda safaris, because they are more affordable, with perfect aloneness and freedom. Self-drive is an attractive way to enjoy your holiday to many destinations around Uganda, but how do you get to these destinations, where some are far from local places? This is where the GPS (Global Positioning System) puts importance on your Uganda road trip. Other travellers would think of using maps but a GPS shows the real and accurate positioning of a place.

The best navigation

Renting a 4×4 car + GPS in Uganda covers you with a lot of problems getting lost in the middle of nowhere. This device delivers the right knowledge about the destination. All you require is to type in the place and the GPS will definitely direct you all the way to the area you want while it pulls you a line to track. You can even add destinations of attraction that you may want to visit like hotels; all details will be submitted to you. This is the most suitable device you should include on your 4×4 car rental request, with Navigation, it can never go bad.

Save on your fuel cost

When you operate a GPS, it allows you to discover the fastest routes to your destination, this will enable you to save a lot on the fuel cost, as you will not be taking the long route to get where you are going. The device can even deliver alternative ways you can use it, this is the most suitable option if you are not hiring a driver.

Easy to transport

The GPS is extremely transportable and comfortable to carry, unlike other gear such as binoculars, camping gear and many more types of equipment. The device is nearly the size of your phone so you can easily transport it along and it has easy instructions on how to use it. Some come with seals to fit nicely on the car dashboard. It has a touch screen mechanism that is comfortable to use with even first-timers.

Most affordable option

It is extremely cost friendly to rent a GPS at $15 per day compared to hiring a driver at $30-$40 per day. Here at FK Car Rental Uganda, we have GPS devices available for all our clients asking them. Save more on your road trip and enjoy your trip comfortably with the shelf of a GPS

To rent a 4×4 car in Uganda and a GPS for the self-drive trip, just send us an email at or call us now at Airtel;-  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;-  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:-  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team.

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