The 4×4 Rav4 in full stands for 4×4 Recreational Active Vehicle, a famous sedan manufactured by Toyota Motors, Japan’s greatest car engineer. This compact SUV arrives in 2 versions; 2-door and 4-door with big cargo room in the rear and suitable powerful tires ranking it high among the safari cars in Africa.
There might be different 4×4 cars good for Uganda safari including the Minivan, Safari Land cruiser, and Land Cruiser Prado Tx among others but when you rent a Rav4 in Uganda for a game park safari, be guaranteed you have made the most suitable option and here are few explanations why.

1. Affordability – The Toyota Rav4 is by far the most affordable safari car in Uganda as approximated to; land cruisers and minivans. You can get the Rav4 for as cheap as US$ 60 per day for self-drive and at just US$ 70 per day with a driver yet the cheapest cost to get the other cars in the same type is US$ 90 and that’s selecting a Rav4 is appropriate if you intend on saving some money.
2. Fuel Economization – We all want a vehicle that won’t use much fuel per kilometer and the Rav4 suits the bill. The diesel engine-fueled car is perfect for self-drive as you can fill a full tank and be assured to get to any destination in Uganda without the worry of getting out of fuel or having to refuel along the way.
3. Comfortability – The comfortable Rav4 seats, air-conditioning, and good cargo room are assured to provide the passengers with a relaxing road trip. You don’t have to stress about packing yourself with your luggage or having smaller legroom all this is protected when you rent a Rav4 for your Uganda safari.
Preparing for a safari in Uganda and looking for the cheapest 4×4 car, then you should look no other than the Rav4.

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