What To Pack For A Gorilla Safari In Uganda? What to pack for a Gorilla safari in Uganda is a typical repeatedly asked question by travellers looking ahead to enjoying a gorilla safari in Uganda. It is important that Gorilla trekking is done in Bwindi Forest Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. These Uganda safari parks are located in remote locations which do not have access to everyday services and even in mountainous places. Mountain Gorilla trekking needs you to wake up very early for a cup of coffee and get out for the briefing, later move at 08:00 am to the starting point.

However, the climate and temperatures in the gorilla safari destinations are not trustworthy, so do not forget to bring relaxed and warm clothes including powerful waterproof shoes. And as you move with packing for the gorilla safari, hold in mind that colourful clothes may not be an excellent idea because they disorganize the natural surroundings and attract unnecessary attention.

The gorilla trekking adventures in Uganda are treasured by many tourists all over the world. Though many tourists keep wondering what to carry for the gorilla experience. 

What To Pack For A Gorilla Safari In Uganda?

Here below, find out a list of what you should pack for your gorilla safari in Uganda.

1. Gorilla Trekking boots

As you look ahead to have a memorable Uganda gorilla trekking safari this holiday, bring your powerful gorilla trekking boots for comfortable hiking. The Gorilla trekking adventure interests some hiking while exploring for the habituated mountain gorilla group. Also regarding the forest nature, measurement, and landscape. However, buy lightweight hiking boots for comfortable activity while trekking the gorillas.

2. Hand Sanitizers and Face Masks

On a gorilla safari in Uganda, your fitness is something handled as first importance. Therefore, to provide the greatest protection for one’s life in this post Covid-19 pandemic period, we argue you carry a hand sanitiser and a face mask with you that to have a prosperous gorilla safari.

3. Rain jacket

The rain jacket is something you should not leave behind, this should be water and windproof. This is due to the truth that the foggy Bwindi forest impenetrable national park has an equatorial rain forest and the climate is controlled by the microstate of the place. Therefore, rain is predicted at any time in this park. However, buy a rain jacket with a head hood to hide the head and your hair, the rains are ever expected regardless of whether it’s the cold or hot season.

4. Long trousers

The Long trousers protect your body skin from tree scratches, from wilderness insect bites such as wild ants, bugs safari ants plus other small insects in the forest. Before you start the Uganda gorilla trekking, remember to tack in your trousers and this protects you from risky insects desiring to enter your trousers. You require to put in mind when purchasing long trousers, consider buying waterproofed trousers to avoid wetting them if you kneel on the ground to capture a clear sight of the photos at the point of the photo shoot. Also, buy soft-coloured long trousers such as khaki and jean trousers are excellent clothes for your Uganda gorilla trip.

5. Hat and sunglasses

Also, carry your hat and sunglasses to cover your head and your eyes during the hot climates in the dry season. In the expected hot season, carry your sunglasses to cover your eyes from the plain powerful sun rays.

6. Garden gloves

While on a gorilla trekking, sometimes the forests get oiled therefore, you might finish up touching the ground or some plants to gain support. But, take note that many of the bush plants are thorny and itching so they might hurt you when you touch them. To dodge germs when you touch down, you have to carry garden gloves and get protected from all types of pain on your gorilla safari in Uganda.

7. Cameras and extra batteries.

This is what creates your Uganda safari unusual and rewarding. You are recommended to carry your camera when preparing for the safari in Uganda. You require to carry additional camera batteries hence preserving your gorilla remembrances. On your gorilla trip in Uganda, you are permitted to take photos as much as you can simply to remind you about your gorilla adventure. When taking gorilla photos, you are positively advised to switch off the flashlights.

8. Energy-giving snacks

Gorilla trekking in Uganda takes long hours, we, therefore, remind you to carry some power-giving snacks and adequate water. You will be provided time to relax and take your snacks so as to be capable to acquire power. You can inform your reserved lodge to organize your packed snack packets.

9. Binoculars

What To Pack For A Gorilla Safari In Uganda?

Binoculars offer you a doubled adventure in Bwindi forest Impenetrable national park, you enjoy bird watching, the national park is home to around 350 bird species. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park even houses incredible wildlife that you can sight from a distance like African elephants, birds, and other small tiny insects. You can see some different foreign plants and beautiful views within the national park.

10. Porters

We can not forget the truth that gorilla trekking is tiring and harsh, therefore, at times you may require a helping hand to drive you a bit. We advise our clients to hire guides at a cheap fee and it is even optional. So you have to set in mind that via hiring guides you are donating to the growth of a community indirectly.

You should even come along with private toiletries, a first aid kit with specified medications such as anti-diarrhoea medicine, hydration sachets, antiseptic cream, eye drops, moist towels, and plasters and among others. The list of what to carry for a gorilla safari in Uganda is endless but do not ignore carrying your notebook, all your travel documents such as passport, travel insurance, medicines, and your next of kin’s private information.

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