The majority of tourists to Uganda nowadays like to rent a 4×4 car for self-drive or with a driver over booking a complete Uganda safari package. Travellers enjoy the happiness of travelling in a personal 4×4 car and booking lodgings & activities by themselves, you will feel in management of your whole safari when you are organising everything by yourself. If you are preparing to visit Uganda and don’t know how much a 4×4 rental car in Uganda costs, then you should extremely think of reading through this article.

There is a type of 4×4 rental car free for off-beaten park safaris, business trips, airport transfers, weddings, research projects and camping safaris and many other trips. You have to be attentive when selecting a car and choose one that can transport the number of people you are travelling with and their luggage but most notably suit your trip budget and personal attractions.

The cost of a 4×4 rental car in Uganda is defined by 3 main elements namely car categorynumber of rental days and trip option either on self-drive or with a driver.

1- Car Type: The price of an Uganda 4×4 rental car is dependent on the class or kind of car with minivans, minibuses and luxury cars being costed higher than SUVs and sedans. A safari land cruiser and tourist van price begin from US$ 100 to 150 per day with a driver excluding fuel while the Rav4 and Land cruiser Prado Tx begin from US$ 50 to 80 per day excluding fuel. Luxury cars such as the Mercedes Benz and limousine range between US$ 200 to 320 per day with a driver and fuel

2- Number Of Car Rental days – Another main determinant of rental car prices in Uganda is the number of days a client will be using a car. The higher the number of car rental days, the lower the price of a 4×4 rental car and indicating you will save a lot of money when you book a 4×4 car for a month, months, year or more than a year. Business travellers and students preparing long-term car rentals in Uganda, get to enjoy the full advantages by acquiring the most affordable cost possible, the additional number of car hire days thus saving money yet even acquiring professional car rental services.

3- Travel option – Renting a car in Uganda for a self-drive road trip is much more affordable than hiring one with a driver. A self-drive road trip not only delivers freedom and flexibility but even cuts out driver hire prices thus enabling you to save more money. Various Uganda car rental companies offer driver hire prices but the middle price for hiring a driver in Uganda is US$ 25 per day.

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