Strategically situated on the northern shores of Lake Victoria close to the White Nile about 80 km east of Kampala City is Jinja city– the Adventure Capital of East Africa. Jinja is blessed with an exciting array of adventure activities ranging from land to water sports on the Nile plus cultural and community tours.

We at FK Car Rental have been organizing self-drive and guided tours to Jinja city and based on client reviews, drivers, and savvy travelers- we have come up with a list of the top 8 most exciting activities to do in Jinja.

1. SPEKE MEMORIAL MONUMENT – Discovering the source of the Nile in Jinja ended up being a tantalizing chance for multiple experiences during the Victorian period. It can only resemble the current-day inquiry to put a man in the moonlight in periods of the sheer passion of the people with the issue. 

Whenever you would apply for a delay of this, the British Exploratory zeal was confident to win for himself stardom, prosperity, and supremacy amongst those that select out for this award was godly like David Livingstone, the mean like Stanley and those who saw a route to immortality like James Burton and John Hannington Speke. 

Burton and Speke arrange a joint journey which from its onset was fraught with misfortunes, and accidents and topped off with a bedridden Burton being left behind while an almost blind John Hannington Speke moved to the Southern shores of Lake Victoria.  The residents told of an extensive River at the Northern tip of lake Nalubale (meaning “of the gods”) which John Speke renamed Lake Victoria as an award for his economic supporter, the British Royal Family. Speke figured out that this must hence be the Source Of the Nile and paid back to announce his discovery. 

Burton regardless claimed that Speke honestly never saw the Nile and proposed rather that Lake Tanganyika was the Source of the Nile.  It was Burton who was supposed and knighted with dignified “Sir”

The day Speke was to introduce proof of his affirmation that it was Lake Nalubale instead of Tanganyika that was the Source Of the Nile he tragically shot himself while climbing a wall with his hunting gun hanging at his flank. 

It was through the calculation of his letters that the reality was eventually conventional and a memorial was lifted on the Western pool of the River Nile which today is in Jinja-Uganda. 

2. WHITE WATER TUBING – Would you like to appreciate the Nile River better in a relaxing fun mode?  White Water Tubing is an excellent item for you. Later, visit an island for a snacking halt in the center of the river and you will finish off your expedition with a beverage to freshen up your sense. This will be one of the reasonable specialties you can accomplish to appreciate Jinja with FK Car Rental Uganda! 

Allow the White Water to carry your anxieties out! White Water Tubing is one of the greatly famous exercises for those glancing for a thrilling but extraordinary adventure. Encounter the ecstasies of White Water rapids while taking satisfaction in the gorgeous sentiments that come along with them. We FK Car Rental Uganda bid on customized travels to claim your demands and adventure status.

3. WHITE WATER RAFTING – Jinja City is figured out as the base of experience in Uganda because you are demarcated to have your adventurous mood ripped off from some of the most thrilling activities in Jinja.  You will have a part in a half or full-day White Water Rafting adventure one of the greatest adventures you can give birth to is White Water Rafting with FK CAR RENTAL UGANDA

Both your Guide and Driver will pick you up by 6:00 am from the Entebbe International Airport so that by 6:30 am you live on your route to Jinja making the following stop for your White Water Rafting adventure, you require to have some ointment, towel, and clothes to switch after Rafting from the White Water experience. 

4. KAYAKING – Starting from the Nile River Explorers camp on Lake Bujagali, you will push out onto the water aboard one of our durable and comfortable navigate poses on top kayaks. Your guide will introduce you to the river and the different bird species that live on the islands and along the riverbank. A local to the area he will happily respond to your queries about the lake and the local area.

You can predict to see multiple species of birds while out on the lake, pied kingfishers repeatedly sail above us while cormorants dive beneath you. With no motor racket, you can get up near the river’s occupants than with any additional standards. There are approximately 20 bird species that have day-to-day sightings here and an abundance of others that dwell in the location. The fortunate few may catch a glimpse of the African Fisher Eagles hunting straight overhead or particularly if birds are not your specialty, the freshwater otters that live nearby playing in the moisture and on the stones. This is a very comfortable mode to encounter the Nile, hopefully at a swiftness that claims you.

5. SOURCE OF RIVER NILE – This is a world milestone that seduces many tourists to inquire into Uganda because it is where the lengthiest River Nile begins from.  The Nile River is famously figured out as the longest River on the earth because of the Greek which represents the Valley and is assumed to be the Source Of the Nile by the ancient. Nile has recreated a large position in the record of African Countries.  This is merely a biological curiosity about the African Continent which begins right in Jinja City one of the developed cities in Uganda and the northeastern part of Africa. It comes about to be one of the greatest “travel destinations in Uganda”

6. THE UGANDA RAILWAY MUSEUM – contains antiques from the days before the railway in Uganda energy during the earlier days ago of railway growth, the period of colonialism growth, and the railways after liberation. A portion of the museum is created with the youthful public in sense to endorse their knowledge and gratitude for Uganda’s record. The Uganda Railway Museum is available to the public from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm (ignore what the poster speaks out). The cost to travel to the museum is 5,000 UGX for grown-ups and 2,000 UGX for juveniles $5 for grown-ups and $3 for juveniles [international travelers].

7. BUNGEE JUMPING – Involves jumping from a podium with a bungee rope tied to two legs. Although knowledge is not needed before grabbing part in the action, one always requires to organize psychologically before grabbing portion of the action.

                                        Players are fastened in two various methods:-  (I) – There is the ankle deadlock with your face looking down and (2) – The entire body deadlock permits you to swim like a butterfly. 

Earlier in the Jump, the educator counts from 1 to 3 before screaming “Bungee” and off you move. The action can be accomplished during the day or evening. Evening Bungee Jumping has its bliss but may lower the rate of pictures and photos to be grabbed. What makes Bungee Jumping unique? 

                              Diving down a lookout and skimming the River Nile delivers one of the most astonishing pictures possible. The major bliss arrives from tumbling willingly and then bouncing softly over and over before eventually skimming the moisture. It is one of the most threatening specialties but again the greatly adventurous action one can accomplish in their lifetime.

8. ITANDA FALLS is an extraordinarily stunning location with fortunes of waves approximated to Bujagali Falls accordingly can seduce hundreds of travelers they entertain in various activities like Kayaking and also Water Rafting, an activity that claims hundreds of people from various intersections of the earth. Today, there are always extremely rare travelers that have visited Itanda thus it is always one of Uganda’s underutilized aids that are finally to be fully inquired into. The falls have three grades of rapids which go up from stage 1 to 6. Kayakers and Rafters have to be prudent of these grades.

Planning to visit Jinja and still haven’t decided which activities to do, we hope the above 8 will inspire you to tour Jinja this season. To rent a car in Jinja for self-drive or fully guided safari, simply send an email to or call us now at Airtel;–  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;–  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:–  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our team. 

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