Despite the improvement Uganda has completed over the years in building new roads and enhancing the poor ones, the number of car accidents is always completely staggering, unfortunately, mainly on remote highways. As much as technology has improved and public movements allowed lower accidents, there is still one more thing that still maintains all the improvement back, and that is human mistakes, considered the greatest reason for road accidents worldwide.

Many tourists choose to self-drive Uganda because it’s a much more affordable and flexible choice but the risks and tensions are also high. The best route to avoid or lower the chance of a car accident is by practising safe driving skills or facts. Whether you are a professional driver or a trainee, it’s always recommendable to drive safely and the information below will offer you guidance on what to do and not do when driving on the road in Uganda or any different part of the world for that case.

1- Car Servicing – You should request a copy of the car maintenance information to find out any issue history that could occur at any point during your Uganda self-drive road trip. Understanding any possible car security problems is absolutely important before you hit the road, if you find any problem ask for a substitute car or request a repair before signing the self-drive contract. The car engine and battery’s situation, tyre positioning and pressure should all be inspected.

2- Defensive driving – The method of expecting difficult road conditions despite an untimely problem or a mistake from a road user is what defensive driving is all about. The danger of falling into a crash or road rage is decreased when a driver uses defensive driving skills for example keeping a safe distance of (2 to 3 seconds gap) between your car and the one in front of you, changing speed relying on weather or road situation, decreasing speed on road curves.

3- Careful Driving in bad weather – Be extra cautious when driving through serious rain or on slippery and muddy roads. Everdrive slow and make sure you keep an extra gap between your car and the one ahead of you and lower speed on sharp curves. If you are not good at self-driving in bad weather conditions, then you can trust the driver to be someone who understands better or makes a stopover at the gas station, supermarket or restaurant for a break until the storm settles down.

4- Avoid driving sleepy – One of the most underrated or forgottenUganda self-drive security tips is to avoid driving when you are seriously sleepy. Ignoring those pains is not a great opinion, you require to get enough rest before hitting the road and in point, you feel sleepy during the road trip, you can request a friend or partner to take over the steering wheel. If you are travelling alone, then it’s most suitable for you to take caffeine or a short break at a restaurant before hitting on the road.

5- Wear your seat belt – Not just car seat belts save lives but even will if not worn, can lead to a penalty from the Uganda traffic police. The seat belt will stop you from being thrown outside the car during a collision and so it’s absolutely vital that the driver, as well as passengers, secure their seat belts to lower the accident clash.

6- Avoid Over speeding – The number showing the cause of road car accidents in Uganda is overspeeding 4×4 cars. Careless drivers rushing, leading off, overtaking or under the power of alcohol/drugs are more possible to get involved in a road accident likened to one who is driving at average speeds. Always take your time and follow the speed limit signal to avoid crashes or speeding tickets when you self-drive in Uganda or any different destination.

7- Don’t drink and drive – Around 20% of road accidents in Uganda involve drivers damaged by alcohol and with the re-opening of pubs& nightclubs, the formation will soon grow up. Increased levels of alcohol can cause unclear vision or even loss of consciousness. Do not get behind the steering wheel if you feel drunk, you can trust the driving responsibilities to of a friend or partner or just leave the car parked and request an UBER or SafeBoda to drive you to your hotel or home.

Save lives and have a relaxing road trip by obeying the above driving information. Are you preparing to self-drive in Uganda this season and need a good rental car for the road trip, we at FK Car Rental Uganda will be glad to get the right car for any kind of road trip you have in mind. You can contact us now by sending us an email at or call us now at Airtel;-  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;-  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:-  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team

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