Qualities Of A Good Driver;- A chauffeur is just a fancy way of saying ‘driver’ and while a driver’s position is to drive you from one place to another, the driver goes the extra mile to make the road trip more enjoyable and soft getting you to your next destination in time.  A driver is trained to make a passenger feel like a majesty giving the service with the greatest passion and professionalism to offer you a relaxing road trip adventure.

Whether you choose to hire a driver for a business road trip, wedding event, airport transfers or just a vacation, you must make sure you get the most suitable for a successful road trip. We bring some qualities to help you make the correct decision when you hire a driver in Uganda.

Qualities Of A Good Driver
  1. Safety – The safety of a client is ever a driver’s number one focus, he should maintain safe and defensive driving skills and professional knowledge of the car services to provide total comfort and security on the road. His responsibility is to get you where you are going safely no matter the events.
  2. Customer Care Services – A driver gives an excellent balance between proper care and friendship making sure you only sit back, relax and let him do everything. Your hired driver will open the door for you, carry your bags and even orient you giving experience and the latest news of the city or destination you are heading to.
  3. Timeliness – A skilled driver understands the importance of time mainly regarding business trips and wedding events. He/she will reach earlier before pick-up time and wait for you prepared to take you to your next destination without feeling rushed. In case of a problem that may cause late arrival, he/she will inform you by phone to keep charges on you.
  4. Appearance – How a person dress tells the importance of his service quality. An experienced driver must be well-groomed with a clean company uniform and a pleasant face. Arriving at a meeting or occasion being driven by a powerful-looking driver is the right nightmare for any passenger. From head to toe, a driver has to be prepared to suit in on any occasion.
  5. Courtesy  – A good driver must be polite in mindset and behaviour, treating the clients as queenly clients. The driver puts a friendly environment but still keeps that experienced contact. Opening the door, and carrying bags are all basic experienced qualities.

So are preparing on booking a driver for your next Uganda road trip, the above-mentioned 5 qualities are what you should look at when you choose to hire one. We at FK Car Rental Uganda have a group of well-skilled drivers for hire in Uganda prepared to offer you safe and relaxed guided road trips through Kampala City, its suburbs, outskirts and up-country places. To ask about driver availability, send us an email at info@fkcarrentaluganda.com or call us now at Airtel;-  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;-  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:-  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team.

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