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An Uganda tour for most is the highlight of their African safari, the opportunity to come face to face with the notorious endangered mountain gorillas, and the Big 5 is only a selection of what to wish for when you visit Uganda on your next road trip. The country’s helping weather seasons, suitable transport, and network connected with safety guarantee you have a marvellous experience in the Uganda national parks and other tourist attraction destinations around Uganda.

There is an abundance of thrilling things to do in Uganda top of the list being mountain gorilla trekking followed by wildlife game drives, launch trips on the River Nile, land and water experience sports, bird watching, cultural tourism, chimpanzee tracking, mountain climbing, fishing sport, community walks, city tours to mention but a few.

After you have had all the enjoyment and excitement in the Uganda national parks and different tourist places on your self-drive or driver-guided road trip, you should question yourself What else can I do before I leave? and the solution is easy, try out one of these 5 relaxation exercises to add enjoyment to your completed Uganda safari.

5 Relaxation Things to do In Uganda On Your Tour Adventure

1. Night Clubs and Bars – There is no more nice route to acquire a full feel of the nightlife in Uganda than visiting Kampala city or suburb nightclubs. The majority of the most pleasing nightclubs and bars are found in Kampala and Entebbe but that does not indicate you can’t club when in Jinja, Mbarara, or Gulu because all these destinations have their own nightclubs.

Enjoy local brews while dancing to some of the finest Ugandan music, African and international. Some of the nightclubs and bars have cafes where you can go with your buddies and family to enjoy some local cooking. Some of the leading clubs in Uganda contain Guvnor, Entebbe Knight Riders, Ambiance, Oasis, Happy Boys, Wave Lounge, Silk Royale, Casablanca, Comrades, Vox Lounge, and many others.

2- Sports Stadiums and Arenas – If you are a sports lover and would love to bring a taste of Uganda’s sporting life, then you should reserve a visit to one or add of the different sports stadiums and arenas funded in Kampala city and neighbouring suburbs. Sports venues in Uganda are classified into athletics, cricket grounds, football stadiums, and multi-purpose arenas. If you have a tour in Uganda and bump into a football or rugby competition, entry is as low as US$ 5 while some submit a free entry for both locals and travellers. Some of the greatest Uganda stadiums and arenas you can visit on your Uganda tour experience contain the Mandela national stadium where both local and international football games are held, Mutesa II Royal Stadium, Nakivubo Stadium, Kyadondo rugby club, Lugogo Stadium (entertainment concerts and rugby games), Entebbe cricket oval, Kyambogo cricket oval, Arua hill park (For football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton games) and lastly but not least is Freedom city a place where both adults and kids can all have enjoyment.

3- Live Concerts and Shows – Kampala city is classified among the greatest 5 nightlife places in Africa only two destinations below are Cape Town which provided a massive number of concerts and exhibits maintained in the city, and suburbs and well-remote towns. There are at least 5 main shows every month in Uganda and most are controlled in Sports arenas, churches, popular hotels, and other venues that can collect big gatherings. Whether it’s an international superstar or a local star on the stand, Ugandans will forever turn up to help as they drink, eat, and dance to the Uganda music. You can reserve a performance at Theater La Bonita which is the residence of Uganda’s drama performers, “the Ebonies” and if you are into standard African vibes, then you can visit Ndere cultural centre and which connects cultural music and dance concerts of approximately 10 cultures in Uganda.

4 – Art and Craft Malls – Another relaxed leisure thing to do in Uganda is to visit one or more craftwork and craft malls. African-made things are excellent souvenirs to take back home to offer buddies and family and even add to your room or office scenery. From the attractive wooden, clay, and metal carvings to the stunning handmade beads, chains, handbags, shoes, shirts, and clothes as well as gorgeous art artworks that show the attractiveness of Uganda, you can not fail to locate a souvenir at any cost. Top destinations to visit for the most suitable and cheap Ugandan crafts and arts contain the Banana Boat, Uganda Arts and Crafts Village, Exposure Africa, Basemera, Nsambya Friday craft market, and Uganda Crafts 2000 Ltd, and entrance is free.

5- Reptile Village In Entebbe– Another thrilling but risky destination to visit on your trip in Uganda is a reptile village, you infrequently get the possibility to see snakes and giant lizards while on a game drive as they are nice at hiding and the best route to spot as multiple reptiles in a single location with comfort will be at a reptile village in Entebbe. With around 50 reptile species in Uganda but some of the multiple famous ones contain the giant Nile crocodiles, African rock python, Gaboon viper, Forest cobras, Puff adder, Green mambas, Nile monitor lizards, tortoises, plus numerous chameleon species. The Uganda reptile village situated in Entebbe city is the most favoured destination for reptile fans but there are other sites such as the Entebbe Zoo, Mbarara Reptiles, KK Reptiles Park, and many others. So grab time and observe these fantastic reptiles in their mirror cages and fenced habitats.

Honourable recognition– You can choose to relax on the lakeside shores in Entebbe or reserve a relaxation at Lake Bunyonyi and the islands.

If are you preparing an Uganda Safari this season and you are still wondering what different things you can do separate from game drives, and park activities, well the above 5 things should operate you during your planning stage. We at FK Car Rental Uganda arrange both self-drive and guided road trips in Uganda for all kinds of tourists like solo tourists, couples, families, and small & big groups at extremely cheap prices. You can contact us now by sending an email to or call us now at Airtel;–  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;–  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:–  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team.

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