self-drive trip is a road trip like no other, the freedom, comfort, and affordability have made it the most suitable choice for tourists preparing to do some outdoor game park camping Safari, discover Kampala city, and attend business conferences anywhere in Uganda. It is a lot interesting during the preparation beginning from the initial online Google search for a 4×4 car rental company to selecting the excellent 4×4 car all the way to the last bookings.  Down are a few tips to assist you in getting the finest discount and even driving safely and comfortably when on your vacation in Uganda.

Go Online And Search For FK Car Rental Uganda

Get out your laptop/ phone, turn on the WiFi, and join the internet. Using a search engine such as Google, type in just what you want it could be a  typical 4×4 rental car or services but as long as you finish the word search with “Uganda”. Look through Google page results and open the FK Car Rental Uganda website, look out for their 4×4 car rental prices, amazing recommendations, the type of 4×4 cars we offer, and our terms and conditions to decide which 4×4 car that suits you best.

Choose A Rental Car With Us

It’s always better you pick a 4×4 car suitable for self-dive road trips that suit the number of people you will be travelling with within Uganda and the amount of bags to be transported. You can book a  4-door Sedan for 2 to 4 people, a Safari van for 4 to 6 people, or a coaster bus for a small group trip. Select your car choice and compare car costs before sending your inquiry. You can even negotiate the car prices if you feel like it’s too high for your budget. Just make sure you select a suitable car for a self-drive trip, not any car.

Get packing

Write down a list of items to travel with for the Uganda self-drive safari, these could go from clothes to convenient devices depending on what you are into. It is always advisable to travel light to assist you in reserving space,  pack light coloured short shirts and shorts as it’s hot in most part of the year in Uganda but you should even add sweaters and scarfs as it gets truly cold in the late evening and sometimes early morning if you are camping in the jungle.

Don’t forget to travel with a digital camera and backup batteries and chargers to provide you don’t miss out on any of the cool places and attractions. Other things you must have to include binoculars, jungle shoes, flip-flops, emergency drugs, sun-screen and games, and books to hold you happy along the travel.

Reserve a GPS System

If you are not a frequent traveller in Uganda, then it is positively advised to rent a GPS online. The Global Positioning System is an extremely useful device on a self-drive safari that will enable you to get where you are going as quickly and safely as possible with no worry of getting lost on the way. The easy-to-use interface enables you to type in the current location and your next destination, and then it maps out a road even displaying the best potential short-cuts and tourist attractions, restaurants, fuel stations, and hotels among other person wants.

Follow Road Traffic Laws And Signs

Once you get the car keys and are prepared to embark on the road, you should be mindful of tough road traffic laws that control Ugandan road users. Read through these leading 10 Important road signs to follow. Traffic officers are seen on all busy roads prepared to fine any road lawbreakers and so it’s advisable not to over speed, overtake, and even travel along with a valid driver’s permit to dodge being stopped over which could clearly slow down your road trip, and drown you into unwanted fines or road accidents. Whether you are driving on a remote road or in an Uganda National Park, ever try to act yourself.

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