Uganda is a location of wonders and discovery. It is likely to discover many destinations to drive to and find the pleasures of Uganda’s heaven. Though driving around on Roads in Uganda in a 4×4 car on either self-drive or car hire with a driver gets you nearer to a lot of adventures, it should be something to do with care.

However, getting to some of these places can get tough in case you didn’t bear time to understand the nature of the roads in the destinations you are to visit.

Uganda is gifted with a road network of more than 130,000km both paved and unpaved. Of these, most of these roads are unpaved and can be considered as poor or poorly constructed. From the information gathered by the Ministry Of Works and Transport Of Uganda by the year 2017, just 4% (about 5,300km) is paved. The remains are paved and unpaved marram most mainly the feeder roads.

Driving In Kampala And Different Urban Centers

Driving in city centers such as Kampala City can just be easy on days with little road traffic. Though most of the roads in such places are paved and well-constructed, driving here can be annoying mainly once you are in a rush due to the incredibly slow traffic on normal days. However, in Kampala City, you can use alternative roads like Entebbe Expressway Highway and the Northern by-pass to trim off traffic if you don’t have much you need in the middle of the Capital of Kampala.

While driving in such places, do not forget to lock the doors of the 4×4 car and keep the car windows up to lower the possibility of your belongings such as devices and small bags being grabbed by the street grabbers. The advised speed limit via developed places even on those you may see on the highways is 40km/hr maximum.

Driving On Highways

Highways in Uganda are the softest roads to use but as on different roads, warning has to be accepted. Normal speed limits are 80km/hr and driving above this can subject you to fines from the Traffic Police. Overtaking in unclear conditions is not advised as it brings your life to the hands of different drivers that do not obey traffic rules standard on such roads most especially the Taxi (commuter van) drivers.

On highways like Masaka Road, take benefit of the multiple climbing lanes on the path for overtaking, and on some little roads such as KampalaFort Portal, control the speeds average and only overtake when it is necessary.

Driving Through The Sharp Bends Of Kisoro

Destinations such as Kisoro and Kabale have dangerously curved roads turning up the hills. This is due to the hilly nature of the place and therefore, it would need an additional level of patience and decision to drive them with comfort. Such roads come with a sightless sharp corner and the most reasonable route to safely navigate it is just to take it slowly of course without ignoring to follow the speed limit indicated.

Sightless curves of Kisoro have to be closed with warning as you stick to the left edge as near as possible as you maintain attention for 4×4 cars reaching the different way since you never understand who won’t be paying attention.

Driving On Unpaved Roads

Whenever you are driving in Uganda and go off the major highway, predict to discover a road in bad condition and difficult to drive. Driving on rough or poorly constructed roads can be extremely dangerous, and it usually bears a higher level of attention and carefulness in order to remain safe. This can be seen in North Eastern parts of Uganda around  Kidepo Valley National Park where you would require a good 4×4 car and sometimes a game ranger to guide you through driving in the area once you are there for tour goals.

Some parts of Uganda are cold than others mainly those around equatorial rainforests and cold sides of the mountains like areas near Mbale ( Mount Elgon National Park in the East, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the South West). Roads in those places can be challenging to drive in the event of much rain as they get muddy and slippery. In dry seasons, they are left with potholes and, untimely bumps.

Some roads like Murchison Falls National Park have strong slanting trims that can be maintained with care in the happening of overtaking even at medium speeds. Such edges bring the car to have less strength on the road generating skidding during high speeds that can bring to bad accidents like rollovers due to failure of control of the car.

Therefore, driving on unpaved roads might need you to use a 4×4 car, a reasonable AWD or 4WD car to drive you through some bad roads despite the driving skills you have, keeping the speeds down to control events of the car slipping or skidding, moving with Emergency equipment since emergency breakdowns like as flat tires and underbody damages can come up more repeatedly with bad roads and lastly, try obeying trails left behind by different car tires before you as it can be positively practical by enabling you remember the best parts of a bad road and make you enjoy a softer trip.

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