Originally understood as Kazinga National Park back in 1952, Queen Elizabeth National Park was renamed 2 years later to celebrate a visit by the queen of England II to the pearl of Africa, Uganda. The park for years has lived the multiply visited national park in Uganda because of its unique attractions and wildlife encountered at the park including the Kazinga Channel where it emanated its first title from. It’s found in the western part of Uganda in 4 districts including Rubirizi, Kasese, Kamwenge and Rukungiri which is about 400km by road southwest of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Queen Elizabeth is well-known for its volcanic attributes like the volcanic cones and deep craters, many including crater lakes like katwe craters which are understood for salt mining.

Here are the leading 5 explanations why people love to do a safari in Queen Elizabeth park

Tree climbing lions.

It’s on occasional events that you will see a lion climbing a tree though not in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth. Here you will also see the kings of the wilderness straddled up and resting on a tree stem either from having dinner or attempting to view their surroundings for the target to capture for the day.

On the route from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest after gorilla trekking, this is where travellers visit to watch at the great wild cats climbing on fig and acacia trees which is such a charming destination because you don’t get much chance anywhere else in the other parks. Apart from the excellent tree-climbing lions, you can even get different animals in the exact sector some of which contain groups of buffaloes, antelopes, warthogs and a massive number of elephants.

Chimpanzee trekking.

The ‘’valley of Apes’’ which is the kyambura gorge located in the northern part of the park is the residence of habituated chimps which indicates they will persist with their activities even when there’s human existence, as a main reason why many people love to visit the park. While leading to the valley you will encounter overgrown tropical plains leading to the lyrical rivers and streams.

Bird watching

Queen Elizabeth National was rated as the 2nd most profitable destination for bird watching in Africa and 6th in the world’s birding creation which is the main cause why the park is visited mainly in Uganda. The park is gifted with a lot of bird species some of which are actually internationally unique for example the shoe bill stalk. it includes around 600 bird species which contain papyrus canary, pink-backed pelican, sedge warbles, the Verreaux Eagle-owl and yellow-throated cuckoo, which occupy the park’s forests, gardens and wetlands not forgetting the flamingos located at katwe and Bunyampamba salt lakes.

Game drives

Another explanation why people treasure visiting queen Elizabeth National Park is because of the scenic game drives that present a possibility to sight the multiple unavailable of the park’s fauna. Excellently done in the morning hours, game drives give you the chance to near-view wildlife in the convenience of the safari land cruiser for instance you can see an elephant excellently operating its trunk to provide, lions chasing antelopes for the target while the hyenas wait for their leftovers from a distance. Additional groups of wild animals seen are herds of buffaloes and Uganda kobs walking in the park all day. Leopards, warthogs, and giant forest hogs are too other wild animals that you will see while on your game drives.

Boat cruise

This just takes place on the kazinga channel, a water channel that joins Lake Edward to Lake George. Boat cruises even understood as launch trips are exciting adventures for travellers in the park. This is even one of the main explanations why people like to visit the park.

While on this boat cruise, one gets a chance to enjoy the different sounds and views coming from the underwater life under and on the water including the big hippopotamuses and powerful Nile crocodiles lying on the pools of the Kazinga channel. The view of this will leave you with an adventure of a lifetime.

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