driver or chauffeur is one of the most crucial people on any road trip being the fact that he carries your life in his hands and even is the human GPS leading you to your next destination and places of attraction. You will ever feel more comfortable and secure understanding your personal driver is in the power of everything including washing the car and handling any mechanical condition or tire change.

FK Car Rental Uganda has a team of well-skilled drivers in Uganda willing to offer you an unforgettable road trip around Kampala City, to the national parks, remote places, and other known destinations. Among our team, one of the longest-serving drivers is Mr. Kimuli Faisal a passionate and trustworthy safari guide and town running driver in Uganda. Here are some explanations for why you should hire Kimuli Faizo as your personal driver for your next road trip to Uganda.

A Good Driver In Uganda

1- God Fearing – One of the most typical qualities of Kimuli Faisal is that he is a passionate born-again Christian a true worshipper and believer of Jesus Christ. You can be guaranteed you are travelling with the Holy Spirit when you hire Kimuli Faisal as your next driver. He is respectful, humble, and ever willing to hear your requests and needs.

2- Car Understanding – Having graduated from Prestige driving school, Kimuli Faisal maintains enough understanding about car technicians and servicing, a quality that not all our drivers have. You will not have to stress about asking and waiting for a mechanic in case the engine gets problems as he can dive straight in and repair the issue in a moment. He has again driven many car types including 4×4 cars, sedans, and others.

3- Destination familiarity Kimuli Faisal has travelled to around 30 destinations in Uganda including national parks, Kampala City, Jinja City, and Kisoro among other destinations. His good understanding of these destination locations, history, and people, guarantees you an informative road trip worth every money you pay.

4- Nicely groomed – Every client likes to be driven by a well-dressed and hygienic driver in a clean uniform and that’s what Kimuli Faisal is all about. Directly from his well-trimmed hair & beard to his brilliant-looking uniform and lovely body smell, he is the ideal example of what an intelligent driver should look like.

5- Time Management – Regarding maintaining time, Kimuli Faisal wins the rest. His timeliness is really unmatched and that’s one of the reasons why clients ever rank him positively. He will reach the pick-up place 5 to 20 minutes earlier waiting for you and even in the improbable possibility of a traffic jam, he will call you to let you know that he is on the way making him so trustworthy and dependable.

If you are preparing for a road trip in Uganda and need a driver with a car, why not hire Kimuli Faisal this season and enjoy a safe and relaxing road trip? You can hire a driver and a car today by just sending us an email at or call us now at Airtel;-  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;-  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:-  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team.

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