Top of the oldest but most fascinating outdoor experiences worldwide is camping. This activity is mainly enjoyed by a group of friends, and family looking for a more powerful bond, making endless remembering together out in the wilderness. This is a stunning point compared to no other. In the night, enjoy the campfire, a tasty meal obeyed by the sound of crickets, and group laugh among others. In the morning, wake up to birds’ music, and the cold morning winds with a cup of coffee. This creates camping adventure a memorable and exciting tourist activity all over the world.

A camping safari is particularly appealing when it arrives to what is required for packing. These include camping gear for example; safari tables and chairs, tents, kitchen utensils, mattresses, blankets, and cooking gas among many other items than your own luggage. Therefore, all these calls for hiring a car that can adapt both camping gear and passengers.

Here at FK Car Rental Uganda, we provide and manage friendly camping safari in Uganda for all types of tourists. We offer you an excellent car best for any road trip you choose. Therefore, in this post, we offer the most suitable rental camping 4×4 cars to hire for a safari in Uganda.

4×4 Toyota Rav 4

Toyota Rav 4 is one of the top rental cars to hire for your next safari in Uganda. Are you a team or a family of 4 and in search of an excellent car for your camping safari? Well, the hunt is over as Toyota Rav 4 is cheap, has a big room for both passengers and your cargo, a CD/MP3 player for enjoyment on your trip, AC, big legroom, and fuel economizing but having got the best. The car is an SUV that can handle all types of roads due to its 4×4 wheel drive yet the most affordable car to hire. Therefore, rent a Toyota Rav 4 for your camping safari in Uganda.

Camper Van

You can as nicely call it the camper, this is an excellent camping car to hire for a safari in Uganda, mainly for group tourists. The car spearheads all the camping cars as it is the most well-known, it is a mid-sized van nicely provided with beds, an inbuilt cooking stove, radio, TV, fridge, and AC (it is a moving house). For campers who are frightened of the wilderness or resting in tents, this performs nicely because you can as well sleep inside this car. Amazingly, the camper van has good room for both passengers and cargo, despite the above tools it includes. This car is the most costly to rent for a camping safari but provides the best services and it is the most relaxing.

Camper Cruiser

This is another excellent camping car to hire for your next safari in Uganda. The camper cruiser has a rooftop tent placed on the top, this enables you to save money that would have been utilised on hiring tents and just spend on other camping gear. Protection is secured since you be at the top of the car. The car is 4×4, therefore, it can manage the wild road, it has sufficient room for passengers and bags, and good legroom which makes it a comfortable car for your camping safari in Uganda.

Safari Land Cruiser

This is the most celebrated safari car used by tourists and can transport up to 7 people. The 4×4 safari land cruiser is powerful and can move on rough roads mainly tourist destinations that are in remote places of the country. The car has a pop-up roof good for game viewing, good leg room, AC, a cooler box having cold drinks to satisfy your thirst on your travel, and big room for both cargo and passengers.

Land Cruiser Prado TX

The land cruiser Prado TX is another famous safari car good for a camping safari in Uganda. However, it is perfect for, relaxation road trips, business trips and game drives in Uganda. Land cruiser Prado Tx can transport up to 5 people with enough legroom and big room for camping gear and passengers. Besides the 4×4 Safari land cruiser and the Toyota Rav 4, the Land Cruiser Prado Tx is far more affordable than the Safari land cruiser and the camper van.

Are you a solo traveller, a family or a group of tourists preparing a camping safari in Uganda and searching for an excellent car? FK Car Rental Uganda has the most suitable camping cars to hire for a safari in Uganda. Contact us today for any camping car rental.

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