car is absolutely a wheeled vehicle made intentionally for the transport of people instead of goods. Cars have 4×4 and work mainly on roads taking between 1 to 8 people from one place to another. There are hundreds of models that fall under various or identical car types but the simplest route to classify them is by their size & width, body type, chassis, and number of doors.

FK Car Rental Uganda gives a wide range of 4×4 car types in Uganda based on client inquiries and reviews, we have pointed out the leading 5 car types famously used by local Ugandans and rented by international tourists.

1- Saloon cars – Regarded as the affordable cars available on the car rental need as well as dealerships, saloon cars or just sedans have a 3-box body type that contains the engine room, passenger cabin, and bags area. Saloon cars can transport up to 5 people seated comfortably and feature an A/C, FM radio, and MP3/ CD player. If you are looking for an affordable car for hire in Uganda for business travels or Kampala city tours, you should think of hiring a saloon car. Models of saloon cars in Uganda possess the Toyota Premio, Corona, and Corolla and among others.

2- SUV – Another extremely famous car type used mostly for city tours as well as long-distance overland travels is the SUV, Sports Utility Vehicle. A car that combines features of an on-road going car with those of an off-road car like four-wheel drive and high ground clearance. The SUV can be regarded as cross-over cars making them multi-purpose vehicles that can be used for city trips as well as Uganda safaris.  Examples of famous SUVs for hire in Uganda contain the Toyota Rav4, Pajero, Kia, Sorento & Jeep

3- 4×4 Safari cars – If you want a secure and relaxing road trip to national parks and famous destinations, then it’s a good opinion to travel with a powerful 4×4 car made purposefully for safaris. Safari car sizes vary from medium cross-over SUVs to minivans and buses transporting between 2 to 9 people. Some of the standard features on a 4×4 safari car include a pop-up roof, a more fantastic box, a rooftop tent, and enough headroom and luggage room.  Some of the most famous 4×4 safari cars in Uganda include the Rav4 (solo or couples), Safari land cruiser (7 & 9 seaters), Tourist van (10-seater), Land Rover, and Land cruiser Prado TX and many others.

4- Minivans – Another extremely standard car type driven in Uganda is the minivan, a multi-purpose car configured in 1 or 2 box body carrying between 8 to 10 people seated comfortably. The minivans are perfect for family and small group road trips giving enough head space but small cargo room in the rear. The safari van or tourist van comes out as the most used car by travelers and tourists preparing to safari Uganda, it features a pop-up roof perfect for game drives. Other famous minivans include the Ipsum, Super Custom, and Alphard.

5- Luxury cars – Last but not least is the luxury type that features some of the multiple costly to buy or rent 4×4 cars in Uganda. Luxury cars are generally used for memorable events like weddings, video shoots, executive business trips, VIP airport transfers, and VIP convoys among many other meaningful occasions that will need a classy car. The amazing eye-catching exterior connected with the additional comfortability you get inside is what differentiates the luxury car type from other cars.

There are a combination of other car classes in Uganda but the above-mentioned 5 make the scratch as the most driven by owners or on the car rental discount. You can book any of the above-noted cars in each car class today by just sending us an email at or call us now at Airtel;-  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;-  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:-  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team.

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