An off-road car or safari car is a 4×4 car made to manage both stone and non-stone roads. The off-road cars feature a 4-wheel drive system with high ground clearance, lifted tires, and adjustable suspension which allows the car to travel even the roughest of the road, through flooded roads and slippery roads.

If you are preparing for a safari in Uganda and need a powerful 4×4 car, then an off-road car will do the job. The majority of national parks and tourist attraction destinations in Uganda are located in some of the most local areas of the country and if you are not driving an off-road car, then be organized for a disastrous road trip loaded with stop-over cause of either getting stuck in a ditch, failing to climb a steep hill or even engine collapse.

FK Car Rental Uganda is one of the most trusted and loyal 4×4 car hire companies in Uganda and we provide well-serviced off-road cars to all kinds of tourists. There are many off-road cars in Uganda but based on past client recommendations and reviews, we have narrowed it down to the finest 5.

Recommended Off-Road Cars Ideal For Uganda Safaris

1- Safari Land Cruiser – A 4×4 car used as early as the 18th century by tourists, the safari land cruiser is honestly the most reasonable overland safari car. The safari land cruiser can transport up to 7 people seated comfortably with an extended arrangement seating up to 9, it features a pop-up roof and cooler box with positively increased tires and enough room for cargo in the rear. 

Rates – From US$ 150 per day with a driver excluding fuel.

2- Land Rover – Another famous off-road car good for safari experiences is the Land Rover, a full-size 4×4 car that can transport up to 5 people seated comfortably with a tough body and high ground clearance qualified for managing even the toughest of roads. If you are searching for a cheap 4×4, then you should hire a land rover for your next safari. 

Rates – From US$ 120 per day with a driver excluding fuel.

3- Toyota Rav4 – One of the most affordable on and off-road cars for hire in Uganda is the Rav4, a small compact 4×4 SUV that can transport up to 4 people comfortably perfect for couples preparing for a self-drive safari in Uganda. The recreational active vehicle might be small in size and tire height but can manage the park roads extremely well but not so trustworthy on muddy trails. 

Rates – From US$ 50 per day self-drive excluding fuel

4- Safari Van – The mid-sized 4×4 minivan is the ideal car for family and small group road trips transporting up to 8 people seated comfortably including a driver. The safari van has a pop-up roof that gives tourists an opportunity to capture clear views and photos of the wildlife inside the van, it even comes with a cooler box but has limited room for cargo in the rear. 

Rates – From US$ 100 per day with a driver including fuel.

5- Roof-top tent Land cruiser – If you are preparing for a camping safari in Uganda and need a suitable 4×4 off-road car for the trip, then you should think of hiring a camping Land cruiser that comes with a roof-top tent that transports up to 5 people comfortably. The camper cruiser rooftop tent can transport a maximum of 2 people and you will get the full camping gear placed when you choose to book this 4×4. 

Rates: From US$ 150 per day self-drive excluding fuel.

Have you been looking for the perfect off-road car for hire in Uganda, you can select from the above-mentioned 5 cars and be guaranteed a secure and relaxed Uganda safari road trip. To book or inquire about the available car, just send us an email at or call us now at Airtel;-  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;-  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:-  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team.

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