Car hire is by far the most suitable route you can get to your ideal destination.  For your next safari in Uganda, is the most difficult part of preparing for a trip. Most tourists have limited or no opinion about which car is the most suitable to hire for a road trip in Uganda and because of this, the majority finish up selecting the wrong car.

How To Get The Best Car Hire In Uganda?

Look For A Car Rental Company

While others may like getting cars from friends, on the other side, borrowing comes with its own difficulties. That is why we advise that you deal with a good, reliable and trustworthy 4×4 rental car company.

Different 4×4 car rental companies have various kinds of 4×4 cars for hire and because they have a broad range, you have an opportunity to select the best. Not to have any stress, just get in touch with our reservation team and we shall get you that desired rental car. Our fleet of car hire varies from Toyota Rav4, Land Cruisers, super custom vans, coasters and many others.

Pick from variety

The reasonable route to get the best 4×4 car hire in Uganda for your safari is for you to pick your car from a variety. A reasonable car hire company should have many 4×4 cars for hire to allow clients to make an option relying on their trip needs. If you have arrangements to travel on a family trip in Uganda then the best is to have a 4×4 Super Custom Van and for self-drive trips, we have the most suitable and most comfortable 4×4 Toyota Rav4.

You can even select from our luxury Toyota Safari Vans, Safari Nissan Patrol, Customized Safari Cars, and Toyota Land Cruiser among many others. 

The part when it comes to car rental company

After you have selected a secure, trustworthy 4×4 rental car company to deal with, make certain that you take part in selecting the car that you like that is within your safari needs. Everyone has his or her feelings and wants, others may choose fast cars, the new and most luxurious cars to hire. No matter your car rental budget, our luxury cars for hire are all within the client’s budget.

Book A Car in advance

Before going on your road trip, make sure that you book your selected car earlier. With a high demand for rental cars, booking a car in time is an excellent route for you to get the finest for your next safari in Uganda. It offers you to select from a variety and bargain for better deals. 

Avoid Airport Rentals

The best route to get an excellent car hire, avoid rough rules and conditions. At the airport, increased opportunities are you will see so many car hire companies but the worst with hiring a car at the airport is that most car rental companies have many costs and they even transfer it to clients which makes the costs extremely high.


The best car for hire comes with no additional costs. Renting a car with us is a beneficial chance for you to get your desired car and different items at no extra charge. 

Number Of People Travelling In The Car

Before you conclude with a choice on which car to use on your safari in Uganda, you have to understand how many people are preparing to travel along with you. A family road trip may need a Toyota Super Custom, or Toyota Safari Van and for big groups, the god is for you to rent a coaster bus. 

Travel needs

Not every car is suitable for all types of trips. Your travel needs to decide which car to drive for an Uganda safari. If it is a self-drive trip then a Toyota Rav4 is the best selection for game viewing, you can select from our comfortable fleet of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX, Roof tent Land Cruiser Prado TZ, Toyota Prado with sunroof, Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop, Land Cruiser V8, Safari Land Cruiser extended, Roof tent Land Cruiser V8/VX among many others.

For Kampala city trips, we have suitable Toyota Premio rental cars and for big groups, we have a broad range of coaster buses.

In conclusion, choosing a suitable car hire in Uganda is one thing any tourist should put into mind. Just get in touch with our reservation manager and we shall assist you get your desired car for your next road trip in Uganda.

To book a 4×4 car rental service or car in Uganda today, simply send us an email at or call us now at Airtel;-  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;-  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:-  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team.

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