Choosing the same cost of a 4×4 rental car is near to impossible provided the hidden costs added to the last car rental cost. There are multiple optional 4×4 car rental prices that are moved into your last price relying on the car rental company you book with.

Preparing to rent a car in Uganda for the self-drive road trip and wondering how you can bypass the ‘slippery’ additional car rental costs? FK Car Rental Uganda brings to you 6 standard additional car rental costs and how to dodge them.

1- Costs for selecting up a 4×4 rental car at Entebbe International airport.

The majority of 4×4 car rental companies will add an extra airport transfer price to the final fee as a form of covering for the fuel utilized to transport the car from the office to the Entebbe airport. Airport transfer fees vary from US$70 to 60 relying on the kind of car you booked. You can smoothly dodge this additional cost by just renting the 4×4 car at the office, you can reserve an affordable personal airport cab for as low as US$50 saving money.

2- GPS Rental fees

The majority of tourists looking to explore Uganda choose to self-drive hence they need a guide to assist them get around smoothly without getting lost. The Global Positioning System is one of the most suitable destinations and directions devices in the whole world and extremely important but not that considerably required for any success of a road trip. Renting a car + GPS in Uganda will intervene an additional US$ 20 to 30 per day yet you could smoothly save that money and use your smartphone’s Google maps for directions to your next destinations.

3- Rental Car damage costs

Nearly all Uganda car rental companies service their cars after every road trip looking for any injuries that weren’t there before you drive off. In the case of any car, the damage is discovered after the return of the rental car, it won’t matter if it was generated by you, a former customer, or a car hire company as they will charge you for it. You can effortlessly bypass damage charges by just checking the car and taking photos of the car before driving to your next destination, in that way, you can offer the damages to the car rental company and save yourself from being worried about avoided costs.

4- Fuel charges

When you rent a car in Uganda, you even sign up for a fuel policy. There are 2 fule procedures operated by a 4×4 car rental company and these are full-to-full and smaller fuel policies with the latter the multiple common. Full to full is where you bring the car on a full tank and produce it on the full tank while less fuel represents the quantity of fuel you took when you began the car rental should be produced or the same level at the end of the Uganda road trip.

5- Extra car rental day charges

The 4×4 car rental world works in 24-hour times indicating if you rent a 4×4 car at 9 am on Tuesday and you have to return it on Thursday, if you return the car past 9 am, it will incur an additional day cost for violating the 24-hour period managing the car rental policy. Ever stick to the dates you booked the car and in case you want to have more of the car rental period, you must notify your car rental company team before you pick up the car or days before you return it. If they are not notified before, then you will have to produce an extra charge.

6- Dropping off the car outside Kampala

The majority of Uganda car rental companies like clients drop off the car at the Entebbe airport, office, or place within Kampala city. However, if you are planning to drop off the rental car in the nearest places of Kampala or remote locations such as Jinja, Kabale, Kisoro, Gulu, and Arua, then an extra fuel charge for transporting the car from that place to Kampala will be incurred.

So if you are preparing to rent a car in Uganda this season and you would like to bypass these additional fees or charges, simply follow our directory and you will definitely save money and time. For more details, visit the Uganda car rental policy page and have a glance through it. You can come in contact with us today by just sending an email to or call us now at Airtel;–  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;–  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:–  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations manager.

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