How Much Does It Cost To Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park? Are you designing a game safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park? Are you interested to have a thought of How much it cost to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park? FK Car Rental Uganda will provide you with the Wildlife Safari Package with all-inclusive prices having lodging, vehicle, Meals, and Queen Elizabeth National Park Activities fees of your option as per the days you would want to spend on safari in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the Outstanding wildlife destinations in Uganda.

Safari And A Boat Cruise On Kazinga Channel

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the savannah Parks located in the Kasese district in Western Uganda, it extends to the western peninsula of the Great Rift Valley and is a place for a broad mixture of wildlife like African elephants, African buffalo, lions, hippos, buffaloes, waterbuck, Uganda kobs, spotted hyena, baboons, Antelopes, topi, Forest Hogs, Warthogs, and multiple types of birds. 

With both a riverine and grassland habitat, the national park contains the southern Ishasha region with its tree-climbing lions and the Maramagambo forest, one of the biggest surviving wild forests in Uganda. The northern Mweya peninsula, crossed by the equator and dominated by the view of crater lakes, is usually populated by large herds of flamingos. This Park is such a darling and has attracted multiple tourists throughout the years. The 2 sectors of Queen Elizabeth National Park comprise;

Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha

The Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park is extremely known because of its inhabitants of tree-climbing lions that are an extremely amazing interest, the Lions are usually sighted lazily lying up within the branches of the giant fig trees staring down at the multiple Uganda Kobs that are grazing in the open Ishasha grasslands and these are really the leading prey to these lions. Sometimes also leopards can be viewed lying in the trees. Relying on chance, you will be competent to sight them while on a game drive. The Mweya sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park is mostly operated for game drives for tourists to see different animals. There is plenty to see in Queen Elizabeth National Park excluding wildlife, like; Lake Katwe for salt mines, crater lakes, Kyambura gorge, Chimpanzees, the Mangoose project, Maramagambo forest, and the beautiful view of the Mountain Rwenzori.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park?

What is the cost of Entrance to Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Park Entrances fees even specify how much it costs to Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park. The cost of Entrance to Queen Elizabeth National Park is USD40 per person for Non-foreign tourists, USD30 for foreign tourists, and UGX 20,000 for East African Citizens. The entry fees are paid per 24 hours spent in the Park. All Charges are made to the Park offices or at the Head office in Kampala. Entrance fees permit you to enter the Park and finish an excellent time in Queen Elizabeth National Park

What is the cost of Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park?

How much does it cost to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park? There are absolutely many activities to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park that change in Price, the activity costs are reimbursed to Uganda Wildlife Authority at the Park office or main headquarters in Kampala. The activities you select to do will define the real cost to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for the selected number of days to spend on an Uganda safari in the park. The activity fees are ever issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority and below are the prices for different activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Game drives in the Queen Elizabeth National Park

Accomplishing game drives is one of the things to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park, you will accomplish game drives to view some of the finest wilderness attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Some of the wilderness in this park contain Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Warthogs, Hippos and many more.

We do deliver morning game drives and evening game drives in-game routes through Kasenyi, Ishasha sector, and the north Kazinga grasslands will provide you with the finest of these views. Our skilled guide will assist in seeing the animals while driving at a snail’s speed.  Day game drives with UWA, and game ranger costs USD30 per person, and Evening/Night game drives price USD40 per person.

Relying on the number of game drives you would want to do, will decide the cost that will involve the real cost of your Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Lion-tracking adventures range from usd50 per person

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel

A boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel is another attractive activity to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The boat cruise occurs on the Kazinga channel between Lake George and Lake Edward, You may experience flocks of elephants, buffalos, and antelopes, families of warthogs, big crowds of hippos, and crocodiles sunbathing on the shores. Kazinga’s shores are a shelter for countless birds, including many migrating species of birds as they create their route to the south to more hospitable climates. The boat cruise again delivers breathtaking scenery of the beautiful Mweya Peninsula and the life in regional fishing villages arranged along the pools.

The boat cruise prices USD30 per person for a standard public cruise, But you can as reasonably book a personal cruise.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Kyambura Gorge

Chimpanzee tracking is one of the activities accomplished in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This can be exercised in Kyambura Gorge which is within the Park. The chimpanzee tracking is accomplished in the morning and evening and we can reserve the tickets and arrange this expedition for you relying on the itinerary and timing of your activities.

To experience all noted activities, you will require more additional time to spend in Queen Elizabeth National Park and have a generous memorable adventure. The Chimpanzee tracking permits for Kyambura cost USD50 per person per trek which is way more reasonable than approximated other chimpanzee trekking destinations.

Cultural and Community tours

A cultural tour of African societies is such a memorable adventure while on your Queen Elizabeth Budget wildlife safari, you may decide to visit Lake Katwe salt mines and notice how the local residents are using park resources to make a living. It is even an indication as to why Queen Elizabeth National Park was chosen as one of the Uganda Parks where wildlife co-exists with humans.

For those who desire to see the local communities, we have the Kasoga community experience project where the local community will share with you the difficult adventure of living around the park and how they have handled to co-exist friendly with the wilderness you will as well appreciate the cultural meetings and traditional dances. The community meeting activities vary from USD20 per person.

Birding In Queen Elizabeth National Park                           

Queen Elizabeth national park has the finest birding destinations that contain, the Maramagambo forest, Kyambura forest, Mweya peninsular, Kasenyi plains, and the Kazinga channel seen during the boat cruise in the channel. The park harbours about 600 bird types of which are endemics and the rest are migratory birds, some of the birds contain African Jacana, African green pigeon, Black-headed batis, Long-tailed Cormorant, yellow warbler, Black bee-eater, African Emerald Cuckoo, Purple headed starling, Speckled tinker bird, Yellow-backed weaver, Pied kingfisher, Wattled plover, open billed stork and many more.

For tourists interested in Birding safari, the birding cost varies from USD 80 per day.

Nature walks and Forest Walks

The guided nature walks can be accomplished in Queen Elizabeth National Park, during the nature walk, you will be guided by the game ranger for the meaning of security reasons.

The nature walks in Queen Elizabeth national park are accomplished in the Mweya peninsular where you have amazing birding and opinions across the Kazinga channel and Lake Edward and other animal species such as Elephants, Mongoose, antelopes, giant forest hogs, bush pigs, and many others.

With the benefit of the game ranger, you will have a chance to walk along the Ishasha River where you have a chance to get near the Hippos, Maramagambo forest, Kyambura forest, and Kalinzu are other well-known sites where you will be capable to see various bird species, primates, bat cave and some wild animals such as antelopes, giant forest hogs, bush pigs, elephants, and many others. Guided Nature walks run from USD30 per person

What is the cost of lodging in Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Queen Elizabeth National Park has a mixture of lodging options that you can choose from while on your Uganda safari. The lodges vary from Luxurious to Budget Lodges, it is ever recommended to select Lodges relying on your safari budget.

Luxury Lodges run from USD250 to 800 per person and per day, some of these contain Ishasha Wilderness Camp Lodge for the Region of Ishasha sector, Then in the Mweya sector, there is Kyambura Gorge Lodge, Katara Lodge, Elephant Plains Lodge, Mweya safari lodge, For budget/Mid-range lodges vary from USD150 per person per night, you can stay at Ishasha Jungle safari Lodge, buffalo safari Lodge, Twin Lakes Lodge, Elephant Hab, Park View Lodge, and many more others.

The Budget Lodges run from USD80 Per person and per night, on a Full board meal plan.

The number of nights you decide to stay and the selection of the hotel will decide how much you will pay for the lodging which is key to selecting the exact cost of your safari

What is the Cost of 4×4 car to Queen Elizabeth National Park?

The Cost of Transportation is specified by the type of transport option, fuel, driver/guide allowance, flight fees, and car hire for the number of days for the Uganda safari. There are everyday Flights to Queen Elizabeth National Park which is the most comfortable standard of transport to access the park which just brings you about 1hr 15minutes to get there. You can grab a flight from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi into Kasese Airstrip or Kihihi Airstrip, and the flight charges USD273.

You can as well have a cheap 4×4 car hire road trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is about a 5-hour drive from Entebbe Airport or Kampala City. The journey may appear long but it is extremely satisfying as you can hold some stops on the highway with a lot to see. 

We just use 4×4 cars for transportation regarding the condition of our routes in the park, the cars are extremely relaxing and big for your safari adventure, and Safari vans hire run from USD100 and Land cruisers run from USD150 to 250 per day.

Why book your safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park with us?

FK Car Rental Uganda manages safari travels both on the road and on a plane to Queen Elizabeth National Park Connected with multiple options of activities as well as designed Uganda Safari packages. Our magic in arranging genuine adventures arrives from the fact that we have over time created a group combined with young and active staff guided by well-experienced grown leaders and managers who are Ugandans and emotional about what they do.

FK Car Rental Uganda is positively ranked and revisited on trip advisor to assist you to understand the adventures of the other tourists who have travelled with us. contact us on how much it cost to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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