How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Car In Uganda;- The Cost Of Hiring A Car Depends On;-

1. The kind of car – A Toyota Land Cruiser is more costly to hire than a 4×4 Toyota Rav4. This is because they can accommodate more people and are more comfortable for long-distance safaris.

2. The number of days the car is hired – If you are hiring a 4×4 car for a long period of time, you are qualified for a discount. Our bargains are just possible if you are hiring the car for 30 days or more.

3. The number of travellers – A sole tourist may pay less than a group of people hiring the same car for a trip.

4. Whether you will go for a self-drive or car hire with a driver – If you are hoping to take the car for self-drive, the cost will be cheaper than if you take one with a driver.

We normally charge between $80 to $170 per day for our cars without a driver and excluding fuel. If you rent a car with a driver, we will give you one that is extremely familiar and experienced in interacting with international tourists. We have skilled drivers who can speak English, French and even the main local languages. We can even get you guides/Drivers who can speak German and Italian.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Car In Uganda

As one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa, Uganda acquires around 1 million tourists every year for tourism-related goals. Uganda even welcomes business tourists, students, researchers, performers, soccer fans, pilgrims, and meeting participants. All these groups of tourists require vehicles to enable them to reach their final tourist destinations and any different location they desire to go to during their period in Uganda.

Are You One Of Those Travelers Who Are Preparing To Hire A Car While You Are In Uganda?

Do you like 4X4 car Rentals in Kampala or Entebbe? After acquiring countless demands from tourists and different groups of tourists to Uganda, we are currently hiring our cars for a fee. Are you curious about hiring a car for tourism-related goals, company, business, study trips, or a meeting in Uganda? Regardless of whether you are preparing for an extended stay, a weekend getaway, a more extended journey, or a road trip, we have extremely attractive ideas and details that could attract you if you read on.

Hiring a Car In Uganda

Why hire a car with us? We have created our Uganda car rental company founded on delivering high-quality services for our clients. One of the explanations, why it has been comfortable to differentiate ourselves from other Uganda car rental companies, is the passion to deliver extraordinary and personalized services. We are using the exact concentration on point and quality while renting and hiring out a car. We provide cars in wonderful situations and guarantee that we provide as promised.

At this point, we are only hiring out cars to international tourists who are already citizens of Uganda or who are preparing to visit Uganda for tourism, business, study, and conference-related goals. We even hire cars for those who are interested in the Kampala city tour, visiting religious places or charity foundations. So if you are interested in visiting the critical attractions in Kampala city or major tourist places in Entebbe city this may be the page you are looking for.

Types Of 4×4 Cars Available For Hire In Uganda

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Car In Uganda

Our cars are normally hired for self-drive aims but we can even provide a driver if ordered at an extra fee.  We have various kinds and standards of cars. Each is appropriate for a detailed objective and we will inform you based on your requirements and available opportunities. Most of them are 4×4 Cars except for those hopping for visiting the capital of Kampala and the smaller towns with suitable road networks.

We Have The Following Types Of Cars.

1. Toyota Super Customs – The Toyota Super Custom is an extremely famous car because it has been tailored to provide convenience for travellers going on an Uganda safari. It can carry up to 5 people and delivers a big space and legroom needed mainly for long trips.

2. Safari Hiace Vans – This is a mid-sized vehicle that looks extremely equivalent to the Toyota Super Custom but it has a better engine and can carry up to 9 people. It is an outstanding option for bigger groups of tourists.

3. Toyota Rav4 – The Toyota Rav4 has become extremely famous for being self-drive because of its low fuel consumption. It is a 4X4 car and is thus capable to drive via challenging Uganda roads.

4. Toyota Kruger Suv – This is a personal choice for tourists who are interested in travelling to the capital city of Kampala or going for a long upcountry trip. We are hiring this for city tours and visiting the smaller towns in Uganda. The Toyota Kruger is not good for muddy roads or safaris.

5. Land Cruiser Prado TX and TZ – The Land Cruiser Prado in all its interpretations is a more powerful and stable car than the 4×4 Rav4. It’s better trustworthy for Uganda safaris and has bigger legroom than the Rav4.

6. Land Cruiser V8 – The V8 takes the convenience of the Land Cruiser TX/GX a step distant and is typically appropriate for luxurious tourists. It has a leather interior and a more high-end finish. We positively recommend it for tourists who are having business meetings or touring main towns in Uganda. The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Consumes more fuel than most of the 4×4 cars in our fleet.

7. Safari Land Cruisers – This is the most famous car for Uganda safaris and in East Africa. They have toughened vehicles and can drive through multiple difficult roads. They are even very big and generally come with a pop-up roof for game viewing. Safari Land Cruisers can carry between 5 to 8 people.

8. Toyota Coaster Buses – For very big groups of travellers of about 20 to 40 people, a Toyota Coaster bus may be excellent for you. The coaster bus is good for students, airport transfers, city tours, and even to visit national parks.

Regardless of which car model you end up selecting, we will share photos of the car before you make any bookings or sign the contract. We do not provide some Luxury cars such as Range Rovers, Mercedes Benzes, and Limousines as FK Car Rental Uganda but we can recommend car rental companies that do so. We do not hire our buses or Extended Safari Land Cruisers without a driver. It is necessary to indicate why you are hiring the car so that we recommend the most appropriate one for that activity. The cars that are hired for tourism-related purposes have a pop-up roof to permit better wildlife seeing.

Note:– We will deliver you a vehicle with a road map and GPS. Camping gear is just delivered on request.

Our office phone is ever on 24 hours a day and you can contact us and book a 4×4 car of your selection at any time. Positively dial;- Airtel;–  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;–  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:–  (+256-775694186) OR email us now at  to speak or chat with our team.

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