Travel to Uganda and discover the best of Uganda’s wilderness, culture, and nature all in an Uganda Safari. Travel the tropical grasslands, trek mountains, tour Kampala city, walk through forests, or simply chill at the beach with buddies and family. There is so much to do when on travel in Uganda but the most reasonable route to travel is by personal transport, you have to hire a 4×4 car with a driver or go for the self-drive in Uganda provided it’s a more affordable, personal, and more relaxed choice.

However, you have to be attentive when choosing the type of 4×4 car for your next Uganda safari. Not all cars are fitted for wild terrain, steep slopes, muddy road, or bad climate, you will require to book 4×4 cars that can control all those factors to deliver you that relaxing and secure trip worth your money.

1 – Toyota Rav4 – This small vehicle that has revolutionized self-drive in Uganda as it’s a multiple-operated 4×4 car for park safaris. This SUV is the ideal car for both company and safari trips. Beautifully modelled with a comfortable interior, the Rav4 can transport up to 4 people travelling comfortably and it’s perfect for couples and solo tourists.

2 – Land Cruiser Prado Tx – Manufactured by Toyota Motors, this mid-sized land cruiser can transport up to 5 people and has a big cargo room in the rear. It can be operated for both cooperate conferences as well as off-track trips.

3 – Safari Land Cruiser – Considered the original African safari vehicle, this 4×4 car is made for long road trips, made to bear with difficult roads because of the 4-wheel drive power. It has a pop-up roof and a fridge box causing it the ideal 4×4 car for a camping safari in the national park.

4 – Safari Van – If you plan on travelling as a small group of buddies or family, then you should think of hiring a Safari van, it can transport between 7 to 8 people seated comfortably with a pop-up roof for game viewing and even has 4 wheel drive ability so it can bear with the game park tracks.

preparing to visit Uganda and looking for the ideal 4×4 car in Uganda for the trip, the above four can’t miss on your list of 4×4 cars for hire. Contact us now by sending us an email at or call us now at Airtel;–  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;–  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:–  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations manager.

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