4X4 Car Hire Entebbe Airport Uganda;- Entebbe International Airport is the only International Airport in Uganda found on the coast of Lake Victoria 40 kilometres away from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It has been in function since 1936 creating it one of the oldest international airports in the whole of Africa. The Entebbe Airport is still under renovation and development creating it a little bit crowded on some days. However, there are a few items to think about whenever you are using Entebbe airport.

Time of arrival At The Entebbe International Airport

4X4 Car Hire Entebbe Airport Uganda

Arrival time decides whether you will require to sleep in a hotel in Entebbe or Kampala on your first day. For example, most car rental companies in Uganda can produce their cars as earlier as 5:30 am. This means that in possibility you are reaching about 3:00 am or early in the morning, you might require to reserve lodging in any nearby hotel and then have the 4×4 car provided between 5:00 am and 5:30 am

Airport Transfers

Hiring a 4×4 car for self-drive enables you to save big on airport transfers. Instead of spending on an airport transfer, you can drive your route to the hotel directly from the airport. However, late-night airport arrivals usually need to reserve for airport transfers with the hotel in Entebbe or Kampala where you will be spending your first night. Sometimes you might require an airport transfer directly to any of the national game parks in Uganda. The prices change according to the service provider. Unless you are insecure about driving yourself, a self-drive car hire is positively advised to save big.

Local Sim card

One of the needs the moment you arrive in Uganda is a local sim card to assist you to speak with your car rental service providers while on your Safari in Uganda.

Airport Parking Tickets

Every vehicle that enters the Entebbe airport is provided with a parking ticket that has to be paid relying on the amount of period that is spent at the Airport parking space. Upon paying for the parking, you are provided an allowance of 30 minutes to leave the airport. Failure to pay for the parking from the self-operated machines will attract penalties when getting out of the airport.

Entebbe Airport Taxis

4X4 Car Hire Entebbe Airport Uganda

Sometimes the airport taxi is the most profitable choice better when your flight arrival time is past midnight. Within the area of Entebbe city, they usually charge about US$15 to US$20. The prices might double or triple in point you are moving to Kampala or up-country.

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