Kampala City is an entertainment destination and you are assured to enjoy it to the maximum whether during the day or night. But, if you are to move around this difficult Capital City of Uganda, you must be clever and understand how to locate your way around.

Kampala City is one of the leading crowded cities in Africa and driving here in the morning or evening hours can create a great challenge to newcomers.

In summary, driving in Kampala is not for the little-hearted. Leaving alone the ever-stuck cars in traffic jams, driving beyond impatient bodaboda riders and commuter taxi drivers can be wild. It needs patience and a high mind class to dodge being scratched if not damaged by different road users. You should note the following before hitting on the road to drive in Kampala.

Get Prepared For A Challenge With Taxi Drivers & Bodabodas Riders

It’s calculated that Kampala is visited by near to 2 million people per day that go for business trips, work, shopping, and different hustles. Except that, a majority of Ugandans migrate to Kampala every day in the hunt for a more promising life. This all implies crowding the city. This is why there are multiple standards of transport like private cars, trucks, passenger taxis, motorcycles, bicycles, and others in this little city.

Bodabodas In Kampala Riding In Different Directions

Among all these, the commuter Taxis and Bodabodas are hard to handle and are prepared to spoil your day anytime. Most of these drivers mostly don’t own them, so they don’t care if it gets a scratch or loses a side mirror, thus, they are prepared to scratch you from any angle in hunting for passengers. In order to return home with your happiness and without drama, you require to understand how to play Good Cop Bad Cop! Understand when to be friendly and let them pass with their problem and even understand when to control your inside spirit.

Follow Road Traffic Rules

Yes, you will discover a number of bad drivers in Kampala that don’t obey road traffic laws but don’t do the exact as they do. It might not be your blessed day as well. At times also breaking a small road rule can set you in the face of any traffic officer on duty. Some of them have been waiting to settle you and earn some excessive amount, so if you get caught, don’t shout and attempt to claim any rights. Step out of your 4×4 car, talk to them, get to understand their needs, and see routes to deal with politely.

There are moments you can be unlucky with bargains and be parked at the nearby police station. Therefore, it is more suitable to follow traffic rules at all times.

Ever Ask For Directions When You’re Not Sure About Your Next Destination

Depending on Google Maps can sometimes be tricky. You may occasionally get confused about the roads to your next destinations. In such a system, feel free to request for directions. It is more suitable for you to ask more than one person since not all you see in Rome are Romans. Secondly, people are ever sure of their understanding of their city as it might spoil their satisfaction if they say no to a stranger who requests directions, therefore, may still offer you the ways they have no idea of.

Get Ready For Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam in Kampala is ever high, so get prepared for the delays. By means, the national standard can be 15 4×4 cars per kilometer, but in Uganda’s capital and nearby cities, we can keep a standard of 150 cars per every kilometer of road.

Heavy Road Traffic Trouble in Kampala City

However, some days such as Sunday, and hours (11 am – 3 pm) during each day can be with average road traffic but in most circumstances, the rush hour and days such as Monday, Friday, and Saturday are unavoidable.

Dodge Downtown Roads If You’re A New Driver

Driving in Kampala is not for the small-hearted, so if you are new, dodge downtown areas like Kisenyi, St Balikuddembe market, Namirembe road, etc. These areas are ever crowded with people and crazy Bodaboda riders as well as gadget snatchers. If you must go there, be prepared to go with some abuses from these people who would see every single little mistake you make. Even, don’t forget to drive while windows up and doors well locked all the time, or else save your valuables out of view from passersby who are not the right people.

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