Driving in the rain (whether it is a serious rainfall or little drizzles) as well as slippery road conditions is one of the leading difficult conditions any driver can experience during a road trip. Rainfall and connected conditions (slippery roads, floods, and many others) directly or indirectly guide to more increased road accident rates. Regardless of what part of Uganda (Remote or City) you are driving in, it is necessary to exercise warning when driving in the rain provided the problems such as less visibility that come with it. After all, is displayed and done, we bring you the crucial information for driving in the rain and they include;

Wait until the rain ceases, if possible

For security ideals or if you don’t feel relaxed driving in the rain, it is more reasonable to re-schedule the road trip or walk if it is possible until the climate gets better. It is reasonably secure than sad mainly if the rain is heavy or road situations are wet.

Slow down the speed if you must drive

Slowing down the speed is not only about sticking to the standard speed limit but driving slower than the usual speed limit. It is an understood reality that rains and wet road situations are extremely risky and unsafe because the Car’s reaction time is much slower when it is raining. Simply keep in mind that smaller speed is of important matter in rainy situations.

Make use of your operating windshield wipers

Operating windshield wipers while driving in rain appears like common sense but this is a reminder to drivers to ever remember this and ever make sure that the windshield wiper quickness is really well accommodated to remove all water (from easy drizzles or serious drizzles) from your front windscreen.

Serious braking must be avoided

This always stresses the issue of slowing down when taking your foot off the acceleration peddle at least earlier than you ever do before you eventually slow down or brake. At this moment, cruise control should be dodged to let your awareness be on both the gas and the brakes in action.

Simply inspect your Car tools prior to experiencing rainy weather conditions

Before you select to experience rainy weather, it is advised to first make sure that your car tools are performing correctly. The critical factors to inspect are windshield wipers, headlights, and backlights in extra to Car tires to lower wet road conditions.

Keep headlights turned on

Another critical rainy driving information is ever keeping your headlights on, even if it is raining during the day, misting, drizzling, or serious rainfalls. This is essential to improve your visibility and even make it possible to different drivers to notice you while on the road.

Correctly ventilate your car

Rains come along with advanced levels of humidity, thus creating fogginess in car windows when you are driving in the rain. The advantage circulating is that the majority of cars operated by Car Rental Companies have unique ventilation mechanisms with the process of reducing fog on the interior of car windows. Therefore, for your security and convenience, it is advisable to stop driving if your visibility is affected then put on both front and rear heaters in addition to creating sure air activity is turned on.

Keep a space between cars

It is too important to keep a suitable space between your Car and the once/s in front of you. Braking the car becomes hard when the road situations are slippery and therefore it is advised to maintain a fair space between your car and the ones in front of you, as a protection in case you decide to suddenly stop.

Avoid driving in standing water or flooded areas

Points of hydroplaning (when car tires begin skidding across the ground of the road) are expected when driving through standing water and flooded areas. Therefore, to dodge this, it is advised to dodge such floods and rather opt for other routes or securely steer around such areas.

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