You have now chosen to discover Uganda the “Pearl Of Africa” on your next trip and look into standards of bringing you to various destinations. Of course, you will require a 4×4 car.  Some may look into public vehicles or use the 4×4 cars of their buddies and families but this would not be an option for people that have no single connection in Uganda.

The greatest mean would be getting a 4×4 car rental that would suit your trip needs. Choosing a car rental company to use in Uganda is not a hard job. You just need to prepare your 4×4 car rental plan nicely in advance.

However, many look into different elements of car rental such as costs & deals, insurance policies, delivery & drop-off, and payment methods and forget the greater question of ‘What if it breaks down amidst the trip?’ Regular tourists ever stick to one car rental company because of one explanation or two, and to your security the major explanation is how they help while out on the trip.

In my 6 years of knowledge as a reservations manager with FK Car Rental’s brand, I have chatted with many clients and many give an honest explanation why they decide to pick one company over the other and that is enough of the Roadside Help car rental services they provide.

Leaving the client stuck in the middle of nowhere, because of a mechanical issue with the rented car for long hours might cost your company’s importance. And this can bring bad company reviews. However, once you listen to your client in time when he/she gets a car issue on the road, brings more additional trust in your car rental services. This is the explanation why at FK Car Rental Uganda, we concentrate more on every point of our clients while out there in the jungle. We ever inform our clients about the processes they should obey in such sad incidents.

What To Do When Your Hired Car Breaks Down?

For standard mechanical break-downs in our 4×4 rental cars, we first inform our clients to inform our field help team in the office to signal the nearby car mechanic of the company to come and inspect what’s happening with the car. The clients are offered 2 to 3 contact numbers for road trip help from which they can make straight calls to inform us about any car issue.

Some failures in the car could be little and would require some easy advice from our help team and get back on the road safely. You only require to tell the assistance team the signs that you witness on the car that might be slowing it from functioning well. For example, battery terminal disconnections are expected experiences while driving on rough and dirty roads that might limit your car from beginning the next time when the car engine requires to be re-ignited.

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