Can You Swim In Lake Bunyonyi?Can You Swim In Lake Bunyonyi?

Can You Swim In Lake Bunyonyi?

Interestingly, Lake bunyonyi is free from harmful water animals such as crocodiles, hippos and even bilharzia free thus the safest lake for swimming. Though it’s the deepest lake in Uganda and the second deepest in Africa, Lake bunyonyi is comfortable to swim in. Some places have been enclosed for swimming.

It is incredible what a volcanic blast can make, Lake Bunyonyi was formed by a volcanic eruption. The deep of the lake is rumoured to run between 44 to 900 meters which if real would make the lake the second deepest in Africa. Lake Bunyonyi is found in southwestern Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale near the border with Rwanda. Found at 1,962m (6,437 ft) above sea level, it is approximately 25 km (15.5 mi) long and 7 km (1.35 mi) wide.

“Bunyonyi” in the local language is “the home of many little birds” and there are various that you will see here, the attractiveness that this volcanic eruption formed many years ago is spectacular. Covered by mountains that’s why it was dubbed as “the Little Switzerland.” Patio hills where people untill the soil and increased food. The weather condition is pure, the climate of the Lake Bunyonyi is enjoyable 25 degrees.

It is one of the few lakes in the region that is said to be free of bilharzia and secure for swimming, however, this saying is not trustworthy and public surrounding the lake have tested positive as lately as 2012. The lake rise on the 5,000 Ugandan shilling note under the title “Lake Bunyonyi and its hills”.

Can You Swim In Lake Bunyonyi?

Lake Bunyonyi is just a wonder by its attractiveness as you see it laying along the Ugandan landscape, marked by 29 islands of many shapes and sizes, covered by ring terraced farms. It is a known destination for water activities and is famous for the neighboring terraced hillsides. Canoe trips for the day noticing the African Sunset as you get back to your lodging. It is known with both foreign and local tourists and there is a broad assortment of tourist lodgings. It’s one of the ideal destinations to chill out, rest and comfort in Uganda for a week or two. Lake Bunyonyi is a food for the eyes and its crayfish a satisfaction for Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi is a place to visit while in Uganda, an excellent place to put on your Bwindi Forest Impenetrable National Park or Mountain Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and others to add it to their trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The breathtaking attractiveness alone is worth the trip and a stay. You will not be disappointed. Sorry, there’s no many fish are found in this lake, but much of different things to see and you are surrounded by one of the most impressive places in Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi.

In the start of the 20th century, fish were recorded in the lake and in the 1930s fishing became profitable. Sadly, in the 1960s the fish died largely as a event of a violent, likely caused by wind. livelihood fishing profiled in the lake, people mainly were fishing clarias species, the lake’s depth and layer makes it hard for the development of the common Ugandan species Nile Perch and Tilapia. Still, 300,000 Nile Tilapias and Clarias fish were discovered in the lake at the end of 2002. Even currently in the lake are Mud fish, Cray fish and Mirrowcarp and various of their predators, otters.

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