Best Places To Visit In KampalaPlaces To Visit In Kampala

Best Destinations To Visit In Kampala With A Rental Car

Kampala is even known as “The City of 7 Hills” because of its ideal coverage. However, now it goes beyond the real 7 hills with excellent attractions and interesting destinations that make a city tour memorable. Kampala City is an attractive city where you can discover the culture of Ugandans, the country’s past, business trips and enjoyments and the everyday life of the Ugandan people.
It is gifted with monuments, cultural places, art and craft markets, places of religion, and business hubs. Travellers who wish to hang out and enjoy musical enjoyment in unique places will love the city. A city tour can be done more comfortably when you hire a car in Kampala. You can rent a car both on self-drive or rent a car with a driver to drive you from one place to another.

We at FK Car Rental Uganda have made many city tours and from our last clients’ reviews, here are some of the Best Destinations To Visit In Kampala With A Rental Car.

Central Kampala

Best Places To Visit In Kampala

If you looking forward to seeing the busiest city life of Kampala, the main part of the city offers a real image. Even locally known as downtown, it brings vibrant from about 6:30 am to late evening. Rush hours are indicated by tight traffic, groups of people and hawkers singing loud to entice customers. Central Kampala is composed of big shopping malls, food markets, business centres, and craft shop markets among many others. For security, your tour guide/driver is advised if you want to visit the middle of Kampala.

Rubaga And Namirembe Hills
These 2 hills are mainly understood for religious purposes. On each of them sits a well-known church – Rubaga church for Catholics and Namirembe Cathedral for Anglicans on Rubaga and Namirembe Hill. When you rent a car in Kampala, it is only a few minutes drive to the top of the hills where the churches are found. Both churches have attractive historical stories connected to them and their infrastructure is attractive and rare.

Mengo Hill

Best Places To Visit In Kampala

If you are into culture, visit Mengo Hill to discover and understand Buganda. It is home to Kabaka’s castle where travellers get a possibility to know about the former and present kingship. Buganda parliament is only a 5-7 minute drive from the King’s palace and the road that connects the 2 is decorated with statues expressing the totems of the Baganda.

Kasubi Hill
The Kasubi Hill harbours an essential cultural place in Buganda. it has the authorised grave grounds for Kabakas (Buganda kings). Four of the former Buganda Kings are buried here and the traveller attraction is identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While here, there is a bunch to know about the burial traditions of Buganda, mainly when you get into the main shrine which is a grass-thatched cottage.

Old Kampala Hill

Best Places To Visit In Kampala

The biggest mosque and one of the most breathtaking ones in Uganda is placed on top of Old Kampala Hill. Gadaffi mosque is a must not miss for tours in Kampala. It is comfortable to access and gives exact attractive sights of the city and surrounding places.

With the above-mentioned main touristic destinations in Kampala, be sure to have a delightful city tour when you rent a car in Kampala with a driver and for self-drive. For more details about our rental cars and destinations to visit in Kampala City, simply contact us now by sending us an email at or call us now at Airtel;-  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;-  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:-  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our welcoming reservations team.

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