Activities To Do In Queen Elizabeth National Park;- Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda’s most senior and most famous game parks for Uganda Safari. It is located in the South Western region of Uganda connecting the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Park is a place with a variety of wildlife and has a spectrum of tourist attractions and fascinating activities that are very gifted by nature. FK Car Rental Uganda provides you with our recommended list of the leading 5 things to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Activities To Do In Queen Elizabeth National Park

The main highlight of visiting the park is the scenic game drives that provide you with an opportunity to view even the multiple unavailable of the park’s fauna. The exciting game drives which are nicely done during the morning hours feature up-close sightings of the wilderness which occupies the park in the comfort of a car. Your driver/guide understands the extra routes in the park intimately and will bear you in search of the various wildlife.

On the game drives, you could see an elephant, the biggest land animal excellently using its trunk to feed itself, a lion preying on an antelope, or a hyena calmly waiting to eat the lion’s leftovers from afar. Other groups of animals such as Buffalo flocks and Uganda kobs cross the game park all day long. Warthogs, leopards, and giant forest hogs, among others, you are most possible to encounter on your game drive.


Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda’s greatest birding destinations. A sanctuary to approximately 600 bird species, the vibrant bird watcher is in for a main pleasure at the park. Some of the birds likely to bless your picturesque remembrances make up the; Sedge warbles, Papyrus canary, the martial eagle, Pink-backed Pelican, Yellow-throated Cuckoo, and the Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, all of which occupy the park’s wide greens, woodlands and wetlands.

Do not forget the flamingos located at the Katwe and Bunyampaba salt lakes.


Activities To Do In Queen Elizabeth National Park

The boat cruise that takes place on the Kazinga Channel, a long wild water channel connecting Lake Edward to Lake George is an exciting occasion for the tourists at the park. During the boat cruise, one gets to appreciate the different views and voices that the park’s wealthy underwater life provides. Excluding the big hippopotamuses carrying their dips in the waters, the powerful Nile crocodiles wallowing lazily on the Kazinga channel water pools for a sense of the friendly sunshine are some of the lifetime adventures you will experience on the boat cruise.

You should not miss the Pied Kingfishers trying to grab a meal.


Activities To Do In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Not every day you witness a tree-climbing lion, in fact, it was regarded as a secure chance to climb one if you ever encountered yourself being chased by one. Not while in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park, though a part including a piece of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Here, lions perched up on acacia and fig trees are a beautiful view to hold.

Whether it is for a more suitable idea of their surroundings including possible prey such as the Uganda Kob that feeds in the surroundings, seeking the calm wind in the fig trees, or escaping the infamous bites from the tsetse flies on the ground, the explanation for the lions selecting home up in the trees remains a fascinating secret.

The Ishasha sector where these lions are located is available on the trip to or from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park as one proceeds or returns from gorilla trekking in the Bwindi forest national park. Besides the great tree-climbing king of the wilderness, the Ishasha sector is again home to different animals like herds of buffaloes, big numbers of elephants, warthogs, and antelopes all of which create a unique expedition to the game park.


The Kyambura Gorge even understood as the Valley of Apes located in the Northern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to chimpanzees. The chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge are habituated indicating they have been conditioned to human existence and this does not prevent them from moving on with their safari activities.

The confidential rainforest in a gorge creates outstanding safety from the sunshine as one enjoys the massive attractiveness of nature secreted there. You will encounter overgrown tropical plains leading to the gorge, to the musical rivers and streams. Red-tailed monkeys, baboons, butterflies, and other bird species are among the different occupants of this small heaven worth viewing except Chimpanzees.

Besides the wilderness, the forest brags wonderful hiking routes upon which there is plenty to see. While trekking in the forest, look out for fighter ants as they hold such a bitter sting. Otherwise, you are in for a thrilling adventure while trekking one of man’s nearest wilderness relatives. These are our greatest 5 activities at Queen Elizabeth national park. You can decide to hold all of these or some relying on your attractions.

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