Organizing to visit East Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Burundi) on your next vacation, and do you expect to use car hire services? Down are the 10 golden laws of hiring a 4×4 for self drive in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, or Tanzania.

  • Do you need a 4×4 rental car?

Are preparing to keep only in main destinations like Kampala City, Nairobi, Kigali, etc, or do you expect to travel to the country to discover the different national parks in the region? If you desire to get involved in long-distance trips, you really need a 4×4 car. But if you are simply traveling to get around major destinations, then a car is unneeded. Additionally, if you prepare to discover any of the national parks in East Africa, you absolutely need a 4×4 car because, the routes are difficult without a 4×4, mainly during the rainy season.

  • Hire 4×4 cars simply on days it’s unavoidable

If your travel applies to both staying in cities and visiting tourist destinations in remote sites, you are recommended to rent a car on the day you will be heading to the tourist places. It is difficult for travelers to drive around cities like Kampala or Nairobi due to their messy traffic. You will need different transport such as motorbikes, famously knowns as “Bodabodas”.

  • Rent a car far from the airport

It is generally slightly more expensive to hire a car in the major destinations than at the airport, for instance, it’s much more affordable to hire a car in Kampala City than at Entebbe Airport. The car rentals at the airports are expensive according to their increased market and even charge per Kilometer covered determining to the ones in cities which have a standard cost no matter where you are traveling to.

  • Bring back the rental car at the approved time

If you are preparing to use the rental car for some suitable days, manage your itinerary so well to guarantee that you bring it back in time. Note that, car rental companies usually beat a big fine due to late return of the car. In case of any delay notify the reservations manager to allow you some time to return the car to the office.

  • Ask for discounts

As you email your inquiries to multiple car rental companies and get different discounts from them, don’t shy away to request a cut in the cost of the rental car. You never understand it might be your blessed day and you could be given your wish. However much some car rental companies display costs on their websites, there is ever room for negotiation.

  • Hire a car for the long term

Most times car hire companies give a lower cost for long-term car hire. The lower price offer is given for one week and more car rental. Therefore, guarantee to rent a car for more than 2 weeks and get a deal to save some money on your next Uganda road trip.

  • Hire a smaller car and ask for a lower cost

Hiring a smaller car like a Toyota rav4, and later asking for advancement to a land cruiser Prado TX at a smaller cost is an unavailable trick to pull off. Sometimes, it might work and at different times the car rental companies charge the same rate.

  • Do not let the car rental company quote fuel

Take on the shout to fill the rental car on your trip, do not let the company include the fuel costs in the inquiry. These usually increase the fuel costs thus completing in spending a bigger sum of money than you should have paid if you almost filled and paid for the fuel at the station.

  • Request for the facts of the car insurance

Guarantee to understand the type of car insurance coverage maintained by the rental company. They should simply describe both the safety and penalty sections. Book a car with a car rental company that has comprehensive insurance which covers stealing, crash damages, and third-party among many others.

The above-mentioned rules of renting a car in Uganda will not just save you some cash but even allow you to have a fantastic travel adventure.

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