A big number of people desire to travel to Africa and discover its attractiveness, connect with the African people and see the African lifestyle and see the good wildlife in the jungles and wilderness making memorable adventures here. However, some of them are specified by the cost of the Uganda safaris.

With recommendations on how you can travel on a cheap safari, you can travel to attractive countries like Uganda and add happiness to your travel life, In this article, FK Car Rental Uganda has mentioned tips that will assist you prepare for a memorable budget Uganda Safari this season.

Uganda Safaris

Go On A Group Safari

Joining a group is one of the finest routes to lower the fees of your Uganda safaris. It just indicates that you will have shared costs such as fuel, car and a driver/guide and sometimes lodging. The costs of these things are shared amongst the travellers on the trip making the trip more cheap.

Use Affordable Lodging

One of the main reasons for the cost of a Uganda safari is the cost of lodging. Possibilities include high-end, mid-range and budget lodging. High-end safari lodges give increased rate services with different offers thus having increased costs. Simply as the word goes, mid-range lodges have costs being more down than luxury but higher than budget lodging. Some places have camping opportunities as well.

Book Before Your Travel Time

Making a booking saves both time and cost. Most Uganda car rental services are usually available a year earlier and therefore booking for nearly 6 months in time can help you take benefit of lower costs and decreased costs for car rental in Uganda and lodging. You may even like to capitalize on advertising and seasonal deals offered by car rental companies and travel companies when booking.

Carefully Select Your Travel Destinations

Uganda is one of the ideal safari places for a number of tourist activities. It has 10 national parks each with something memorable and various different destinations for cultural tours, adventures and cooking adventures among many others which give many options for travellers. When preparing for a Uganda safari, do enough research about the various destinations and you can select an itinerary that connects destinations that fit your budget and needs.

Travel During The Low Season

Uganda, just like different most various African safari destinations are available for tourism all year round. If you are expecting to travel on a budget, the low season would be the ideal time for you. This is when travellers are fewer and therefore most car rental services have been discounted. The low season comes to be the rainy season. It is mainly described with rain storms or drizzles but you will still have some sun. The low season arrives during the wet season in the months of April, May, June, September and October. However, know that the season offers few opportunities for seeing big herds of wild animals.

Bargain With Your Car Rental Company

After being given a reply for your Uganda safari, it is good to ask for a discount from your car rental company. You can request them to lower the cost of the quote to where your budget suits. Alternatively, you can select a car rental company that gives the lower cost of the Uganda safari but considers honesty from the car rental company.

Have Few Places On Your Itinerary 

Once again, Uganda has many tourist places including the 10 national parks, about 10 wildlife reserves, 13 wildlife sanctuaries, and attractive historic, cultural and natural places among many others not forgetting the attractive Jinja City. These give coverage of things to do on an Uganda safari. While picking the things you want to do on your next road trip, it is recommendable to select little places to stay within your budget.

Hopefully, this understanding offers more understanding of how you can get to your dream destinations at your own budget’s power. If you are preparing for an Uganda safari this season, feel free to ask for car rental advice from us. Just send us an email to info@fkcarrentaluganda.com or call us now at Airtel;-  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;-  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:-  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations manager.

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