The rainy season is the leading challenging time to travel to any Uganda destination and it’s actually made harder when driving through damaged bumpy roads with potholes. Uganda’s transport network is always growing thus the majority of the roads are either destroyed or even under construction and as per the Uganda National parks, you can ever be certain you will find a rough road. In point you prepare on visiting local destinations such as the national parks, it’s always important that you understand how to drive on bumpy roads. Read and understand the security information that will assist you to travel on these kinds of roads no matter the climate.

Pack Emergency Gears – The delays applied in travelling rough roads need you ever have specific gears in your car trunk. Some roads might be also difficult to control causing mechanical problems that will need gear such as a spare tire, jumper cable, spare battery, first aid kit, shovel and many more. This tool is extremely helpful mainly if you are preparing for a self-drive road trip.

Drive Slow – If you don’t want to injure the tires or critical parts of the car, ever drive slow when you reach bumpy roads in Uganda. Driving slow offers you sufficient time to move the car through potholes without imposing any damage and even provides you space and period for blocking in case you require to handle a pothole or a road rip.

Understand your car – You should understand your car situation in times of front, back or 4-wheel drive before you strike the road. Front or back tires drive cars can not bear sand as well as muddy roads and so it’s ever good to go with a full-time wheel or 4×4 car and dodge putting much pressure on the tires when on a bumpy road. If you prepare on driving to distant destinations, then we recommend you hire a 4×4 car in Uganda instead of 2 wheel drive car.

Observe the weather – Another critical safety information for driving on bumpy roads is to always know out for the weather conditions. You can adjust and get the climate forecast or use a weather app on the phone to decide when to predict rain or any different weather situation that may impact the road surface causing it difficult to pass or actually impassable.

Do not overload – If you understand you will be driving through a rough road, then you must not overload the car as you attempt to damage the tires, fail to get out of a pothole or actually worse over-turning. Ever pack enough luggage that can smoothly fit in the car and if you are travelling with big luggage, get an extra car to transfer the luggage with.

Preparing to travel to the remote destinations of Uganda this season but bothered about the bad road infrastructure and potholes, you can use the above driving information for a secure and relaxing road trip. For more details and tips, just send us your inquiry to or call us now at Airtel;–  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;–  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:–  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team.

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