Kampala city has changed into one of the tourist destinations over the past 10 years, it’s not just Uganda’s leading business center but even the finest place to encounter Buganda culture and again enjoy the way of life of residents.  The ever-crowded streets create moving around on foot and by car extremely challenging mainly if it’s your first time in the city. The majority of tourists nowadays like to drive themselves as it’s a greatly cheaper and relaxed choice but even riskier than touring with a hired driver.

FK Car Rental Uganda has a group of professional drivers for hire in Kampala prepared to provide you with a smooth and relaxing drive to whichever destination in the city. Are you preparing to tour Kampala city and yet haven’t selected whether to self-drive or hire a driver, read through the 5 reasons down and you will notice why it’s required to explore Kampala city with a hired driver.

  1. Security– The city is a center for fraudsters and thieves and so touring with a local driver will guarantee you don’t fall into these criminals. They love to focus on self-drive travelers but if they notice you are with a driver or guide, they will back off.
  2. Comfort – A hired driver provides you an opportunity to rest and do other things during the road trip confirming he does everything for you like driving, car washing, repairing mechanical issues, and replacing a flat tire to mention but a few many tasks that could disorganize your road trip while in Kampala.
  3. Guiding – You don’t have to be stressed about getting lost in the middle of nowhere when you choose to hire a car and driver in Uganda as many of the drivers have a good understanding of roads and destinations earned from experience and driving schools.
  4. Information – As considerably as travel books, online directories, and articles may deliver you details about an attraction, you will not acquire that first-hand up-to-date details. A hired driver will ever provide you with the suitable and latest information regarding the cultures, wilderness, landscapes, and water bodies among other attractions.

So if you are preparing to self-drive in Kampala city this season, then you should think of renting a 4×4 car with our skilled driver provided the above 4 reasons. To hire a driver in Uganda today, just send us an email at info@fkcarrentaluganda.com or call us now at Airtel;–  (+256-707457134 ), MTN;–  (+256-774784213), WhatsApp:–  (+256-775694186) to speak or chat with our reservations team

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