Uganda is a landlocked country found in East Africa bordered by Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, and South Sudan. Strategically found within the African great lakes region, the celebrated “Pearl Of Africa” is one of Africa’s leading safari destinations and rightly provided countless fascinating tourist attractions that vary from culture, massive water bodies, and huge landscapes to rare & famous wildlife species. Are you preparing to tour Uganda on a self-drive or driver-guided road trip, we bring to you 10 impressive truths about Uganda that will offer you an understanding of what to see when in Uganda.

1- Mountain Gorillas – Strategically situated on the border of the Albertine rift valley bordering Congo’s Virunga national park is one of Uganda’s greatest UNESCO world heritage sites; Bwindi impenetrable forest the home of the notorious endangered mountain gorillas. With just 1,063 gorillas located in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, Bwindi forest is home to about half the population making it the finest gorilla trekking destination on the planet.

2- Mountain Rwenzori – Mountain hikers visit Uganda for the possibility to defeat Africa’s 4th highest range; Mount Stanley. Tallest up to 5,109 meters, this is arguably one of the finest mountain ranges on the notorious Rwenzori mountains which were named “Mountains of The Moon” and declared as the source of the Nile by Greek student Ptolemy.

3- Lake Victoria – Africa’s biggest lake occupies around 59,947 km2 shared by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Even confirmed as the world’s biggest equatorial lake and 9th biggest continental lake, Lake Victoria was anointed after Her Majesty Queen Alexandria Victoria who governed from 20 June 1837 until she died in 1901. Lake Victoria boasts a number of economic and tourism businesses making it a very impressive reality of Uganda.

4- Pearl Of Africa Saying – Another impressive fact about Uganda is that its motto the Pearl Of Africa made recognized by Sir Churchill Winston a British statesman, soldier, and author who expressed Uganda’s attractiveness in his book My Africa Journey in 1907. He was lost for words to explain this truly enchanting African destination and as mentioned, he wrote: ”For attractiveness, for variety of shape & color, for the profusion of intelligent life, birds, insect, reptiles, beasts, for extensive scale, Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa“.

6- River Nile – Extending approximately 6,650 km northwards from northeastern Africa to the Mediterranean Sea in the powerful River Nile the longest river in the world crossing via 11 countries that include Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan Republic, Egypt and Eritrea. Not only is the Nile a critical financial water body, but it is even one of the leading Uganda safari attractions to a variety of thrilling experiences and comfortable water activities top of which is the notorious white water rafting and boat cruises in the national parks it crosses.

7- Big Five Animals – The phrase Big 5 was used by big game hunters to guide five of the most challenging African wild animals to track on foot but is currently used by travel companies to advertise tourism. The Big 5 animals include the Lion, African Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard & Rhino with the first 4 located within Murchison Falls National Park while the Rhinos can be seen at the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary just 150 Km from the Murchison Falls Park.

8- Numerous Bird Species – Uganda is known as one of the finest bird destinations in the world with a capacity of about 1090 bird types recorded which is nearly half the total population of bird species in Africa. Some of the multiple popular birds in Uganda include the Crested Crane (Uganda’s national bird), Giant Shoebill, Great blue turaco, Kingfishers, and African Kingfisher, and many others all of which you can see within the national parks, city, and local villages.

9- Bahai Temple – The Bahai Temple again understood as Mashriqu’l-Adhkár is a place of worship for people who believe in the Bahai faith and Uganda is home to Africa’s greatest Bahai temple located along Gayaza road on Kikaya Hill only 4 miles from the city center. Uganda tourists exploring Kampala City love to visit the Bahai temple to know about its impressive history, and beautiful architecture and even get a chance to talk with some of the believers.

10 – Jinja City – Located in Eastern Uganda around 81 km by road from Kampala City is another attractive destination visited by both adventure travelers and relaxation tourists, the notorious Jinja City is the Adventure capital of East Africa and home to the source of the Nile. Jinja is a tourist destination shining with tons of land adventures and water sports top of the list being grade 5 white water rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding, speed boat excursions, sunset cruises, dug-out canoe rides, golfing, kayaking, river tubing, quad biking, and very many other activities.

Honorable Recognition – Uganda holds up to 56 tribes each with a special culture and history making it Africa’s greatest cultural country.

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