Self Drive In Uganda

Self Drive In Uganda is indeed one of the finest routes to discover Destinations given the reality that you are in the power of everything you want including driving and choosing Destinations where to go. You save a lot of money when you go away rates of the Driver Hire and you can freely personalize your trip to put or remove a detailed destination of your selection offering you all the privacy you need.

Uganda is considered by many tourists in the world as the leading African Safari place gifted with a lot of attractive, locally and internationally understood-tourist attractions. The majority of these tourist attractions are located in remote areas of Uganda and the perfect route to get there is by hiring a Car for Self Drive In Uganda or Car Hire With A Driver.

There are several Uganda Car Rental agencies available to give you a combination of Rental Cars to pick from. In this article, we bring you guidelines to consider when you want to Hire a Car for Self Drive In Uganda but before that, here are some top requirements needed for you to drive a car in Uganda.

Self Drive In Uganda

Conditions For Self Drive In Uganda

  • International Driving License – A copy that permits you to drive in any country, this is especially used for foreigners.
  • Valid Driving License – All locals must have a valid driver’s license to use any Self Drive Car In Uganda.
  • Valid Passport or National ID – A valid passport for tourists and Ugandans, just a national ID will be needed by the reservation team.
  • Signing A Contract – you will have to sign a Self Drive Car Hire contract with the Car Rental agency to comply with their terms and conditions.

Guidelines For Booking A Self Drive Car In Uganda

Guide 1 – Go Online

A number of Uganda Car Rental agencies have websites indicating all the cars and services they offer. You can freely discover a car to Self Drive Uganda by only visiting Google or Yahoo and typing in a keyword that connects to Self Drive for example {Self Drive In Uganda} {Self Drive Car Hire Uganda}, {Uganda Self Drive}, {Hire a Rav4 In Uganda}or any keyword the same to what you are searching for.

Guide 2- Ask

After choosing which Uganda Car Rental company to book with, you can proceed and ask about car rental costs and the available car through a Contact Form or our Whatsapp number provided on the website. However, don’t just connect with only one or two agencies, inquire with almost 6 agencies to get the perfect discounts that fit your budget so you can save money.

Guide 3 – Negotiate

Once you have mailed in your inquiry, you will wait for approximately 20 minutes to an hour before the company reservations crew can answer you. The reservations team will offer you various cars and rates and once you pick one that fits you, you can begin negotiating the costs. Negotiating is one of the perfect ways to cut down prices and once you have decided upon the last price you can continue your payment with just a deposit.

Guide 4 – Deposit

To verify your reservation of the Self Drive Car In Uganda, you will have to make a 50% deposit of the total fees approved. An invoice is made showing all information and an account number where you can deposit the money. The majority of Uganda car rental agencies have bank accounts where you can send and if you are a Ugandan without a bank account, you can send your deposit via mobile money outlets such as MTN & Airtel. The balance is usually paid in the middle of the car while the company representative hands over the car keys to you.

Guide 5 – Approve Your booking

Self Drive In Uganda

Once the reservation team records the deposit, the reservations personnel will inform you and prove to you that the car has been reserved for you for those exact dates you will need it. What is left for you to do is to begin organising and looking into different things on your travel list. Once in Uganda, you will meet with the company agent to make the balance payments and sign the Self Drive In Uganda contract before heading off on your trip.

If you are preparing to Self Drive In Uganda and searching for the perfect rental car, we at FK Car Rental Uganda will be more than happy to get you a rental car that not just fits your budget but even your personal needs including enough leg-room, head and cargo room for full convenience. To rent a car in Uganda for Self Drive road trips, just get in touch with us today by sending an email to or WhatsApp/call us now at +256-707 457134  to speak with the reservations team.

By Faizo