4×4 Cars For Hire In Uganda4×4 Cars For Hire In Uganda

Uganda is rated among the leading African safari destinations, Uganda is no newcomer when it comes to wildlife and cultural safaris. It is a place to 10 national parks including Murchison Falls National Park, the highest visited and well-known national park around. The biggest and oldest safari national park in Uganda, it is home to 76 mammal species and about 451 bird species with the top famous place being the Fantastic.

Getting to Murchison Falls National Park from Kampala / Entebbe airport will take approximately 6 to 7 hours relying on stop-overs while the ideal route to access Murchison Falls National Park faster would be Gulu where a trip lasts just almost 1 to 2 hours using the Packwach route {Tangi gate}.

FK Car Rental Uganda gives a broad variety of 4×4 Cars for all kinds of tourists and we offer you the leading 3 4×4 Cars to hire if you are preparing for a guided road trip on self drive in Murchison Falls National Park for the next Uganda Safari. Read about them and contact us to reserve a 4×4 car of your choice.

Murchison Falls National Park - 4×4 Cars For Hire In Uganda

1- Toyota Rav4 – The day the self drive road trip became famous, the Toyota Rav4 has been the leading 4×4 car for hire in Uganda, and for a fair cause. First and best is that this SUV is extremely cheap with costs varying from US$ 60 to 70 per day for self-drive travel and when you add on, it can carry up to 5 people with enough cargo room in the rear. You discover why the Toyota Rav4 is one of the leading 4×4 Cars For Hire In Uganda.

2- Land Cruiser Prado TX – This is made by Toyota Motors Company, this is the top 4×4 car recommended to offer you a relaxing road trip in Murchison Falls National Park. It has an A/C with good leg room and enough luggage room in the back and some are made with a roof rack perfect for people camping. Costs vary from US$ 80 to 85 per day excluding fuel.

3- Safari Land Cruiser – This safari land cruiser Extended has been pointed out as the perfect 4×4 safari car offering its impressive exterior and interior parts. The pop-roof allows tourists to view the wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park very well through relaxing seats with enough legroom connected with A/C and a cooler box to guarantee the client’s comfort. The enough room for bags in the rear and rooftop makes the safari land cruiser the perfect choice for the camping safaris. Costs vary from US$ 150 to 130 per day with a driver and excluding fuel.

4 – Safari Van – If you are preparing to travel as a group of 9 people to Murchison Falls National Park safari, then we recommend you book the 9-seater safari van with a pop-up roof. This safari van might not have a big room in the rear but it is more affordable than the safari land cruiser if you are willing to sit with the bags depending on the number of people you are traveling with. Some safari vans feature cooler boxes and roof racks while others don’t have them. Costs vary from US$ 90 to 120 per day with a driver, excluding fuel.

Don’t think twice to contact us if you need any of the above-mentioned 4×4 cars for a Uganda safari to Murchison Falls National Park or any National park. We will be more than delighted to offer you our services, simply contact us now or send an email directly to info@fkcarrentaluganda.com or WhatsApp 0707457134 and chat with our reservations team.

By Faizo